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Mar 9, 2006
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so everyone, i was just thinking, we should all share our stories of our first time smoking, if u could remember

for me, it was about 2 months ago, one of my best friends birthdays, and i told him id smoke with him, so me n two of my best friends smoked, 3 times that weekend, and i have smoked every week since that magical weekend wen we smoked out of my friends bowl
15 yrs. old behind my house in the woods. Hash. Yes I got high as hell my first time.
Born 'n raised in a rather isolated, small country town, pretty much surrounded by and living the "redneck" lifestyle. It was in my seventeenth summer that a couple of sisters, "wild city girls" spent their summer break with a cousin that also happened to be our neighbor.
Ahhh yes. I was introduced not only to the benefits of marijuana, but also to oral sex. Now that was truely a summer of great memories.
Thank you Addie and Jaquetta!!..:D
15 years old in the basement with my older brother. true imported hash under glass.
15 years old at a new years eve party. And yep, I got high as a kite the first time. :D
13 outside of a liquor store with weed my friend and i stole from our parents.
16 years old. my best friend and I on a nice summer day in a culvert under a gravel road. didnt even get high....oh well, ive made up for it.
15 years old smoking out of an apple hot boxing my cusins corolla i was tripin out of my ass lol i remember everything that day man was i high lol
haha, it seems like everyone started around 15 (i am 15 by the way) hey hick that story sounds juicy, go into some detail!!!
dont rememeber when, but remeber a bunch of us get into my friend's shitbox, drive off to some side road and light up like 6 one papes for like 4 people

after 30 seconds couldnt see the person sitting right next to me, purple haze, some of the best shit i ever had
I smoked behind a stable and went riding after no big thing
I got real high from blades my first time getting high, pretty much just ate cookies the whole time, until my throat seemed like sandpaper it was so dry.......
Well technically I was 13 but being raised in So.Cali. I'd only smoked "mexican dirt weed" so after a road trip north up I5 to the great northwest in the late 80"s and smoking the real thing, I have to be honest..I'll never move away!
I was 14, right next to my high school under the train tracks, listening to Bob Marley "Red Whine". After that I was hooked. =)

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