taking my plants out for a drink

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi everyone,, quick question. I have my plants in 7 gallon buckets and instead of watering right under the lights. I take them out of the room and water them in the shower next door.. I do this because they will leak water out of the bottoms of the pots for a half an hour or so and I have saucer things under the plants but don't want them to sit in water like that. My question is . I am hoping this half an hour isnt stressing them without all the direct light over them. ?? Thanks Hero
Are your plants in flowering?
It doesn't hurt a plant to set in water for a half an hour if they eventually re-uptake the water. I assume you are letting them dry completely between watering's.
Yes I am letting them dry.. I water twice a week.. 7 gallon pots with FFOF. No they are in about 7 almost 8 weeks of veg. The fox farm ocean forest really drains well. I use either one gallon of water per plant sometimes a little more , wanting to see drainage and I notice after putting them back they drain for over a half an hour.. Just wondering if taking them out of the closet for half hour interveals twice a week would stress them. I want them to be happy.. Thanks Hero
if it is when the lights are on i think that no problem ... it is like a cloud in the sky . I do the same thing, but not in the bath :p
Not too many response's. , but Thanks I guess I will just continue as I am doing.. Hero
Hi Hero,
I think the problem would be not when you take them for a bath but when you take them for a walk down the street! You know those dog walker dudes who walk your dog while you are at work?? Well imagine that but a string of hash plants on roller skates or skateboards.
I thought it was funny anyway :p
Hey Hero; not too many responses bcause not necessary, BHO Experts is correct IMO. The only concern that I would have is when the girls get bigger, yu run the risk of injuring them in movement. I would suggest getting one or more of the flood/drain pans to keep under the buckets so that yu can water in place. Yu can buy a small shop vac for removing the excwss water after a couple of hours. letting them sit in the water for that time shouldn't be a problem as yu let them dry out between waterings. plus yu can save that nutrient rich water that drains through rather than letting all those nutes and microbes go down the drain. Yu can get those pans at any local "hydro supply" or online at the Hydro stores. I don't like moving my girls around, not to mention the stress on my back.
Yup I have to find some kind of solution. They are starting to show sex now and soon they will be getting the flip so I would like them to be in the room at all times.. Theyre HEAVY. lol Thanks
They do get really heavy. Just water them in the room and if the water is still there in an hour take it out. How's that?
Sounds good to me. I read somewhere thou that after a half hour do not let plants sit in standing water.. I might just elavate them a few inchs drill a few lil holes in the saucers and let that run down into a drip pan.. Thanks
hey hero, sounds like we do about the same process but i just take a couple of extra bottom pans and pour the water in/on the plants and just switch out bottom pans emptying one in a buckett untill done if that makes any sense,i mean it works ok for me
Sounds good.. I will try it.. Thanks tell me you grow in 7 gallon pots? how big or how long do you veg your plants? mine are turing into shrubs seriously.. Thanks Hero
i have a seperate veg room with just enough room to get them about 12,14 inches (5,6 weeks)wicth flowers out to about 3,4 foot on avg , hope that helps
Well this is my first grow and I only wanted 2 plants. I gave several away to a friend who put his in his back yard.. Mine right now are almost 2 foot and bushy and I hear that once you flip the switch to 12/12 they double in size.. just wondering what I am looking at ect.. Thanks alot.. Hero
I'm in the minority, but I've always moved my plants to water. It's been easier for me to inspect them thoroughly when they are at eye level.
I have 5 plants now in 3 gal. grow bags and I've always had to move them to water. They do get heavy and I imagine 7 gal. pots get real heavy! And as long as you've been vegging them, they are probably a good size by now.

IMO, you might not need that big a pot size next time, unless you're going to grow mother plants to clone from. You can veg a LONG time in those size pots. My experience is that plants might get at least twice their current size once you flower them.

I think your only concerns are the weight of the pots (and your physical health moving them) and not damaging the plants while moving them back and forth. I don't think that having them out from under direct light for that length of time will hurt them, as long as they are not in complete darkness while watering. And I also believe that letting the pots sit in water for an hour or so won't hurt them either-it'll let the soil soak up all the water it can.
hero i hope you have a tall flowering area, with 2 ft tall still veging they will get 5,6 foot. i saw the pics in another thread and they look awesome , you will have some nice girls there :hubba:
Thanks Astro I might have exaurated a bit, in the pots they are from the top of the pot more like 18 inchs but they are growing fast. I dunno to top or not still waiting on a reply in another thread I posted.. Thanks thou ..appricate the support. Hero
Not all plants double or triple, but a good amount of growth will take place! As long as you have adequate lighting...and headroom lol....you'll be fine!

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