That was wierd

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Wow that was wierd. I am such a dumbass. I was sittin here workin. and my neighbor popped up. He smokes up, but we don't really hang out. Neighbors are best kept as neighbors and no more. but he was out. (I have given him a little bud here and there and he has done the same for me). But he was headin out of town. He asked me for a 1/4. So I said sure fill my car up with gas and get me a pack of smokes (tossed him my keys and that was that). Well it has been over 10 yrs. since I even seen an 1/4. (ounces is what I always got,cheaper that way). I know I gave him a very heavy 1/4 damn I would say a light 1/2(don't have scales, don't need em cause I don't sell), his eyes 'bout jumped out of his head. Well, I got a happy neighbor all because I can't measure. He owes me a huge favor now.LOL
this will screw up the whole world economy i think. How much does gas cost in your town?

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