The Cali Gig So Far..

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Jul 1, 2008
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over the last six months i've been setting up my new location in cali and getting ready to blow it out..i currently provide dispenceries with meds for people who can't grow their own stash. here's the show in progress...





:shocked: WOW :aok: thats incredible man. what strains do you have going?
68 ken's GDP and 60 purple hopin' fer agood yield.
They look really good. How far along are they?
and which is better do you think?
Jesus Mary and Joseph. Need any employees?

I'll work for clippings....literally!!
oh man it's hard to say..both are supposed to be excellent strains. thay are 3 weeks into flower with a 3 week veg preceeding.
TheKlonedRanger said:
Jesus Mary and Joseph. Need any employees?

I'll work for clippings....literally!!
lol.. i get that alot. i know one thing for sure..i ain't trimmin' all that myself. i have 6 trays total but 2 are empty, awaiting clones that are a week out.:D
i guess i'll smoke one of NorCalHal's bubba kush joint and give you guys room specs..
ok so, this room is housed in a 2400 sqft warehouse.. it is 12' tall x 14' wide x 32' long. i have 12 1000w HPS's in 2 rows of 6, each cooled by a 10" 1000+ cfm maxfan. for exhaust i have 2 10" phresh filters mounted on the ceiling. my cfm exchange rate is about 1400. i have 4 18 oscilating wall mount fans to keep things movin' and 2 light proof/filtered passive intakes. there are 6 4x8 e&f trays and 6 100gal EZ-drain reses. each res has 2 large round airstones and all 12 airstones are powered by 2 80w commercial air pumps. i also have a 14x14x12' veg room attached and it has 1 8" phresh filter, 1 4x8' E&F setup and a 960w floro panel loaded with 30 T8 bulbs along with 2- 10x10x8' rooms for clonin' and trimmin' or what ever else i need a room for lol. my nute line consists of the GH 3 part, GH root accelerator, botanicare cal-mag, koolbloom wet/dry and hygrozyme. if i have a strain the N needy, i just hit em' with instagreen. thats about it!...if only it were that easy to setup...puff
That is some setup !!! I hate you guys with yours big ops ;) !!!

They look great :p
Man, the only thing greener than your set-up is me from envy. Nice, clean op, Puff.
did i mention that my power bill is under 900 dollars thus far ??? i had to rewire all of my ballasts to 208v but everything is humming along .(no pun intended)
dman1234 said:
You are living the dream Puff.

very nice.
ya likes huh? well, if you canget someone to loan you 100,000 bucks come on out and i'll get you a spot in our little community lol..seriously, thats what i spent moving across the country, buying and setting everythnig up..:cool:to be fair, we did stop in vegas.
U SUK!!! :p :rofl: Man!... Hey, can I borrow $100,000? Come on, I'm good for it!? ;) NASTY SETUP BRO!!!:headbang:
thanks's darn near a 1 man show so i stay VERY busy but it's what i enjoy..and yes someone really did do that for me.. i guess i have decent karma. toke on

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