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Mar 11, 2011
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This being my first season here, I will start a journal right on time for my summer grow.

I will be attempting to do an outdoor grow, nothing big, just for LEGAL personal use. At most, I will be having 6 plants.. Currently I have a Bubblegum clone growing but that started as a big clone on March 10th so I won't "officially" count it on this thread; plus, it has its own grow journal thread.. Now back to this grow... I purchased a while back from a dispensary in town some Blueberry seeds, feminized, from Sanctuary seed company(whoever heard of that) for the mere price of 5 for $50 or $10 a seed. I figured it wasn't bad it being my first 'official" attempt.

On around April 9th, i decided to germiate a seed. I used the moist papertowel in ziploc bag method. After 24 hours and seeing it worked.. I decided to transplant that into some mix I decided to use from my backyard. I put the seed in a half gallon pot, on purposefully with bad dirt to compare how it does with my other ones.

I decided to germinate 2 more seeds a day after, and put into pots on 4/11 or 4/12. One seed into a 5 gallon, and another into a gallon pot. I am not sure if I will transplant the 5 gallon but I will for sure transplant the gallon into a 15-20 gallon ceramic pot I have. The 1st seed that was put into bad soil, took longer to sprout and has significant damage on the part that came out of the soil(approximately a 2-3 day lag with the others and the sprout is in definite worse shape than the others. All I have been watering is regular water that i TRY to pH down to anywhere between 5.9 and 7.1. These are the lowest i have given and the highest. Please bear with me, I am a rookie. And for those keeping up, thanks.

Soil Contents: On the 2 seedlings that I have in supposedly "good" soil, this is the mix i prep'ed up and what I have going for them. I won't be precise with measurements as i wasn't when i was mixing up so I will divide ingredients up evenly as I think.

1 large bag of Happy Frog.
Dolomite Lime
M G: Sphagnum Moss
M G: Perlite
Original Dirt

Here comes division part:

1/3 Happy frog
1/10 Dolomite Lime
1/8 Sphagnum
1/16 Vermiculite
1/16 Perlite
1/3 Original Dirt

Mix it up. Checked Drainage. Seemed okay to me. Decided to plant. :watchplant: As Borat would say: "Success!!!" I planted the 2 good seeds approx. on the 14th, and got 3 sprouts by the 16th counting the slow seedling, "trial" as I will call it.

Here are the pictures:

Pic 1 & Pic 2: Blueberry sprouts in "good" soil

Pic 3: Blueberry seed "trial" in a half gallon pot with original soil from my yard not mixed or anything. Don't think it is going to make it though. But let's stay positive...Don't judge a book by its cover.

Seedling BB.JPG

Seedling 2.JPG

Apart from the Blueberry, I also purchased a Larry OG clone from the dispensary on the 5th of April. Timing was awful I know but I am gambling it against the Gods and hope it turns out well and keeps on growing... On this...I used a slight mixture of my original soil from my backyard with sphagnum moss, perlite, vermiculite, and happy frog. Don't ask my why..:confused: As always... just hoping for the best.

Pic 1: Shows Larry OG clone still in rockwoo cube on 4/8.

Pic 2: Larry after the transplant into pot. Measurement taken.

Pic 3: Larry close up after transplant said on 4/10.

Larry OG.JPG

Larry Measure.JPG

Larry 4.10.JPG
Well I will say it has been a week since my blueberry seeds emerged from the ground. :yay: Yes...I am still excited about it. Everything seems to be going well so far for the most part. Temps at night staying above 50 degrees Farenheit, and for the past 5 days it has been mostly cloudy during daytime staying about 68 degress average I would say.

However there always has to be some doubt present in my mind..As you will see by the seedling pics..Some have some dirt on the leaves...It is from when I watered, there must have been some messy splash..Is this bad???

Another issue I have is on the seedling in the 5 gallon plant...I'm pretty sure it was the chicken who took a nibble off that leaf...It seemed to have stunted growth because it was the one showing the most growth previously... Oh well...

Pic 1: The seedling in the 5 gallon I am talking about. Some dirt on it with parts missing on leaf.

Pic 2: The other seedling in the gallon pot, showing its other set of leaves starting to come out. Of course.. some dirt on it.

Pic 3: It is odd..But definitely nothing bad. The seedling here is in a half gallon bucket with original dirt from my yard... not mixed or anything added to it. At first I thought it wasn't even going to make it out of the soil...Now it is showing its other set of leaves also.

Idk if the set coming out is the first set of leaves or second(counting) the one handed one...??? Clarification would be nice... Would this be the 2nd node coming out???

5 Gallon 4.22.JPG

Half Gallon BB 4.22.JPG

Half Gal Trial.JPG
Well it has been 12 days since the last update on the Larry. Not that I am seeing anyone interested in this one..:eek:

I will give it 10 days that it has been 100% outdoor. Daylight hours are at about 13 hours...increasing about2-3 minutes day by day. My hopes are that it does not flower...If it does...I am hoping that it goes to reveg and onto flowering again no problem..But those are just my hopes... Lets celebrate in honor of the Gods.

4.22 Larry(out).JPG

4.22 Larry.JPG
hey Dr! The Larry OG is looking good mate :D
Im subscribed to your journal. Looks like you have a pretty good start there. You have the Bubblegum (in another thread), you have your Larry OG clone, and your three fem'd Blueberry. What are you gonna fill your sixth spot with?

As for the second node, I think you are right, but then, I am just a dirt farmer like you and don't get all technical about terms.

I have learned that the fresher the clone, the less chance it has to reveg. Looks like you might get lucky, that clone looked pretty fresh.

Your plant and seedlings are looking good. Green MOJO heading your way!
Thanks for stopping by Moses and tcbud.

As for the 6th(vacant) spot ;) , I have a bagseed that I plan to start pretty soon. It will be joining those other outdoor ones of course. If indeed these Blueberry seeds turn out fem, then I would be hoping for the bagseed to be a male so I could maybe use it to pollenate a plant. Does it sound like a good idea???

Everytime I visit a dispensary I get an urge to buy one more clone though. The place where I got the Larry OG and Bubblegum also had some Purple Kush,Abusive OG, or Strawberry Cough that I am tempted to try..On top of some other good 10 strains they say they carry. LOL

But judging that I am more of a novice...I should limit myself to the limit 6 or stick with 5 that i have...Please share your knowledge.
I have smoked Strawberry Cough, and it is one of my top 5 all time. Very sweet taste and uplifting, giggly high. I would get a clone IMO :D
Well the Larry OG clone has gone into flower...Not sure what to do now. Since its outdoor, I will let nature do the work.
Well as I said in the previous post, Larry has shown OBVIOUS signs that I (the blind man) could even see. I will say it is day 20(max) of flowering, since it is when I put it outside (at the time at about 12 1/2 hours of sunlight- now its at about 13 1/2)

Its kind of a bummer since I am not sure if it will live in the re-veg process that it will go through since the light hours will only be increasing... or if it will live in general???

Here are the pictures:

IMO PIC 3 is the most clear that shows flowering...Upside is that it smells DANK already.

Larry 3.JPG


Larry 2.JPG
Today, I will call it day 15 for approximations on the seedlings.

They are looking well to my eye, no sign of them having trouble besides the "trial" (the one I have going in horrible soil from my yard). It appears they all have a natural gardener dedicated to them 24/7 because they are trimmed when I come to see them..As you will see in the pictures that I will try to post later on.

**This post is to tell me when and how I watered:
1 tsp grow big
1 tsp big bloom all this to 1/2 gallon of water
2 flakes of superthrive

Gave this to seedlings and the Larry OG clone...lets wait and see their reaction.
Hi sounds like some good strains Dr. couple things you asked about...the dirt on the leaves....splashes occur leaving leaves dirty...but a spray bottle helps sometimes to give the dirty leaves a rinse...less chance for desease....nothing to get to worked up over...imo....your chickens will eat your plants as well as other animals like cattle or deer....imo chickens will ruin your plant by eating them.....i tried growing out doors one time and the animals ate everyone of them thing about using yard dirt if the pot goes inside theres probly going to be a bud infestation..imo...chances are ur larry og will go into veg if its trying to because of the light cycle its experiencing, i'm guessing you will have a deformed type of plant once it starts to bud again and i dont think not sure if you trim the buds it begins to enter the revegeed stage or if you leave them....if they are left your plant may look funny but i'm not last thought...about fertilizing your seeds after 2 weeks.....I probly would of went with another half gallon of water to help delute the fertilizer....from what I've learned here most seedlings dont need fertilized untill 3 weeks old.....they get there nutrients from the soil....imo....hope this helps with the learning curb...nice grow...........just trying to be helpful.
Much appreciated Jungle. Im really thankful when someone takes the time to read my notes and leaves comments. I will try that water sprayer on the plants but now I am just trying to be more careful when I water the plants.

** A friend told me that I should put some of the watered mixture of nutes(Fox Farm) in a spray bottle and spray the plants before I water them...Is this good? My reaction is that I would think it would burn some of leaves...but who knows. Can someone clear this up for me please??

The main reason for this post is that Larry situation... It seems that it wants to full out flower... It doesn't seem to be revegging but I gave it some Grow Big today just to encourage it... Do you guys think that it can actually flower out??? I would not want to be carrying it indoor neither... I was thinking more on the basis of putting it in a spot that is generally shaded throughout the day...

Thank you.
I think that the MJ plant only needs spraying when you have cuttings not yet rooted. Otherwise i don't think foliar misting/feeding is necessary ... Except if you have a very low RH level. Foliar spraying with nutes will cause leaf burn IMHO.
personally i don't think its good to spray a fertilizer solution on plants, it usually burns them...I've heard here not to spray at all durring flowering even water....if my plants get something on them i want to clean them so i spray some water on them a bit....trying to help them...
one thought comes to mind is less is better than more when it comes to fertilizing....
Mandellas seeds claim they dont need fertilizer because they are breed so well you only need good healthy grow well.
Something to understand is plants will only grow so much and so fast....and it's easy to over fertilze, because a person wants nice buds ect.
I use fox farms and they have a schedule and how much water to fertilizer to use and how often....
i ussually wait 3 weeks to fertilize normal plants, give a week solution at first when first fertilized then gradually build up.....I hardly use the recomended amount and use less my self....but some plants can really take the fertilizer..anyways more fertilizer isnt always better for the plant....less is better than more...i don't know about the larry thing...i don't take my plants outside.
Cool. Thanks you two for clearing it up for me.

Jungle: To the comment on the mandala's only needing good dirt, I totally agree. Not just with mandala's but with other good strains in general...Some don't need much fert. to grow but then again I bet other strains really need nutes to keep them going as well.

Since I am young and inexperiences.... I plan to grow plenty of strains(not all at once in a season)...till I find one that I like(or a few) and stick with that. Then I would just try to perfect that strain starting to see what the plant likes and what it doesn't...Mad scientist at work.
Howdy dr. Sorry for not dropping by sooner. I think you'll like the Larry. Plants are looking nice and green. I second and third the opinions everyone has given on foiliar feeding. that's spelled wrong probably.

I'm a huge blueberry fan. I'll be watching those close. I'd like to find a blueberry mom. I've got a few bb crosses going so hopefully I'll find something yummy.

Mandala's are light feeders from all I've heard/read. I'll find that out soon with my satori's. I think I'm most excited about growing those out.

I have a Tahoe plant in veg about 50 days old that reeks bad bad bad. Smells like funky lemon pledge. I've got alternating nodes, but no sign of sex yet. I'm gonna love keeping that one if it turns out as a she.

Green mojo for ya dr!!
Its been a while since the last update. Sorry for those that were keeping track...:ignore:

So far...the plants are still green. There is a problem(could be major) on the "trial"(the one I put into a half gallon of crappy soil on purpose). Signs of deformation, disease, deficiencies, overnuted, could be a bit of everything. I decided to transplant it into a larger pot on the 18(4 weeks). So far...still green but the plant is sick INDEED. Before I transplanted...there was a sign of the plant going black on some of the new growth...Any diagnosis?( I will TRY to do a thread on the Sick&Problems section if time permits.)

Problems on the other 2 Blueberry outdoor are just insects. I see tiny mosquitoes flying everywhere and i am getting worried. :shocked: I have only given one application of neem oil but I will give the other tomorrow morning. Hopefully it helps...

**Forgot to mention: A concern of mine is that I have males even though I got feminized seeds...Or it could be sign of hermie... See for yourself on Pic 2.

Blueberry 1 Gal.JPG

Blueberry Close-Up.JPG

Blueberry 5 Gal.JPG
Here is Larry @ approx. day 39 of flower(outdoor). Got it as clone, gambling that it could have gone into veg., I put it outdoor. Obviously it did not turn out that way. After 39 days of putting it outdoor, here is what I got. Its like a lolipop. It did not grow any taller, just started growing those hairs. Anyway, I like the strain from the little I can judge it right now. Good smell, good looks. Passes my standards.

You guys tell me if it should be more developed than it is.

I was hoping that it could've gone into re-veg but so far no signs of that.? I have a Bubblegum clone that was(IS) basically harvest ready but it (SEEMS) that it is going into re-veg at day 70 of flower...


Larry 5.20.JPG


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