This is nostalgia for us old toking farts

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Columbian Connection

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Jul 19, 2005
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Hey just wanted to do a little nostalgia of sorts. For all of us pot heads over 40. I just was thinking about the days when (at least where I lived) there were names for not only the strain but for its affect. I have not noticed that anymore. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I have not seen it. For example:

Paranoia Weed – You would get paranoid if you smoked it

Laughing Weed - Weed that would make you laugh uncontrollably

Creeper Weed – One of my all time favorites. Take a couple hits and wait 10 minutes and then POW your zoned.

Paraquate (if that is how it’s spelled) Weed – Shity green Mexican. Named for the spraying by the USA in Mexico of the Hemp plants with the weed killer Paraquate. People died from smoking that shit.

Can anyone remember anymore?
Anyone like to share their thoughts and memories?
Anyone know any present day ones?

If not I’ll make one up. how about

Snoozer Weed – Take a few tokes and you’re crashed out on the couch. Crappy kind of high unless you like downers.

How about some memories of your favorite old strains. Mine are:

Columbian Gold – Ohhhh the sweet smell & taste with a mellow high that can’t be matched. Sativa all the way.

Columbian Red Bud – Another great one. Deep red buds with that sweet smoke with that a little more potent but energetic high

Rainbow – A mixture of Gold and Red Bud and some green shit. A high that was a mixture of the previous two.

Thi-Stick – You know that stuff that’s tied to a stick. I was too high to remember what it was like

Hawaiian – Not only did it knock you on your ass, but the smell and taste was smooth and great. High lasted a long time
I never got to try Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Black Sheba, Nam Weed, Anyone smoke those?
Ah yes, creeper weed. Often it is as mysterious in its appeareance as it is in its delayed effect. Ever come across an otherwise ragged looking set of buds that look like scwag, but 5 minutes later. Boom!

Sorry, can't think of any other nostaligic names right now.
I guess you and I max are the only one's that have any memories. Everyone else I guess is to stoned to remember and to share bit. Or just to lazy to type. Thought it would be kind of cool to talk about the old days and how things have changed. Be nice to hear from more people though
Panama Red is my fondest memory from the era. I dont have much of a memory anymore after all the grass I've smoked.
But I do remember when it only costs $10. per 1/4.
Thanks for responding. At least someone has a memory. I never had Panma Red. It just never came around much and when it did I had no cash. What kind of buzz was it?

Oh the days when a joint was $1.00 a nickle bag $5.00 Dime Bag $10 half $20 $40 an oz A pound was between $450.00 - $500.00 for Columbian Gold.
The first weed I bought, and the only weed that was around L.A. summer '67 was Acapulco Gold, $10.00/oz, although you usually got more than an ounce if you were a repeat customer.
It was great weed and on my Top 5 list (along with Columbian Gold, Thai Stick, Northern lights and Kavorkian).
Acapulco Gold was good for whatever you wanted. If you were hanging with friends you'd laugh so much your sides would hurt the next day. If you were at a concert you could really get into the music. A clear-headed sativa high, active. Great for a Love-In or throwing a frisbee around or hiking.

When I bought my very first ounce (lid), I was amazed to see seeds!
The very first thought that came to me was "Hey! Now I can grow my own!"
The next morning I planted my first seeds; been growing it ever since.
Back then it seemed the best (before I even smoked any green bud) It got me really stoned, but had more of a brown weed buzz. Made me lazy and tired. Now adays KGB makes me want to do stuff.
But we are on the same page as far as the costs.
What G.G. paid in 67 is what we paid 4x in 77
I remember that paraquat shit too. Tasted like shit.
The first weed I ever smoked was stuff that I actually grew gorilla style. I was a sophomore in college around '92. In those days I was straight as an arrow and very conservative in my thinking. My dead head roommate countered my worries about smoking weed by giving me some seeds and saying, "if you're uncertain about the source, try growing it on your own... I know you're a do-it-yourselfer."

So, on a lark, I sprouted a single seed and then transplanted it to a remote bank along Merced Lake in San Francisco. Around early November, I was delighted to find a very large Sativa (of some kind) that was budding everywhere! The high was a little "stupid", but very potent. The yield was about seven ounces.

Suddenly all the grunge-hippy girls in the dorm were paying a lot more attention to me. It was a very Merry Christmas, indeed.
My fondest (and most intense) memory of kind bud was in the early eighties as a high school senior. We had to travel over 100 miles by car to get it, but Thai Stick is to this day the most potent bud I think I have ever smoked, bar none.

I think it would fall into the "Insane Weed" category, cause at the peak of the high, you often thought that was where you were headed. A total cerebral high that kicked your synapses into overdrive, and I know I personally had some mild hallucinations, no shit. I remember it really was in a "stick" form, and was flattened (I was told it was shipped over here pressed between loads of mason brick--don't know how true that was).

My friend and I bought it ($75.00 a quarter) and right away rolled a monster splif-- big mistake. We learned respect for the bud that day, and hard. It was the only time in my life that I wished I could have taken some of the high back... After that we would start to roll a joint and keep taking more and more out and making it smaller and smaller for fear of getting too high. The high just lasted forever, wouldn't go away.

"Wheelchair Weed" was the category I remember in the college years, as it meant you felt as though you were in one when the high finished creeping up on you. And if you weren't, you needed to be to get anywhere cause you could no longer walk!

Nickel bags that cost five dollars, in that convenient and compact little manila packet, those were the days. Drive through window service!

Happy daze,
I was posting something else and I just remembered another type of smoke. It was called "Expansion Weed" It was from the 1970's. I remember you did not have to take a big hit. After you hit it you could feel your lungs expand and then you would either let it out and cough a little or hold it and cough a lot. If you took a big enough hit you would cough your ass off and pass up the next hit cause you is stoned. I remember smoking it with my friend in my bedroom at my parent’s house. He took a big hit from a bong. He started doing that thing where you cough so you close you lips tight and your nose and make that noise

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