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Jun 27, 2011
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Ok this is my first time on here and this is my first time trying to produce my own lil stash.i only have one right now so i can learn alil more here n there about growing.i have a clone i pickd up from a club and i think its about 2-3 weeks old i THINK.when i first got the clone i notice that the plant had a leaf that at the tips was yellow but i didnt know what to do with this so i just went with the flow.i placed it in foxfarm soil and the next day or two more leafs ended up with the same thing so i kinda panic and a friend of my said to take first one and take it off iono if thats right but did it anyways to learn from my mistakes.a few days later one of the top leafs and one kinda in the middle the tip lookd dead its brown and kinda shirbbling up.i dont know whats going it the clone or me plz help anyone! If you need more pix just let me know.
Thank you!




Ive heard of some plants doing this but how long are you keeping them in the sun, how much do you water them, give a little more details please, i can probably help just need some more details
I put it where the sun hitts basicly the whole day.could it be from heat strees?i water it every other day when 2 inchs of soil is dry.i didnt add any nutes yet just soil.i have a feeling that bugs are messing with the plant but i dont know should i spary it with bug killer spary?
DO NOT spray it with bug killer, it can mess the plant up im pretty sure,ive heard of things like putting pee around the area the plants at(Not close enough that it can suck it up) and theres some other ways just look around on the fourms and you can probably find it, and it could be from heat stress, maybe try giving it 11 hours of sun a day(i think thats a good amount) but i have mine in a spot thats shady but it gets a good amount of sun, maybe try to find a spot like that? or just move it into a shadier spot after 11 hours or inside. Im kinda a rookie to growing so you may wanna conntact a more experienced grower like hampster, hicks(THERES ALOT MORE)
she looks pretty happy and healthy to me. 'clone from a club'.. she probably is suffering a little shock from the entire change in environment. From artificial light to sunlight, transplant, new/different soil(?), ect. "I" don't see any signs of 'bugs' or pest damage.
As long as the 'spots' don't progress and spread, I think you're okay for now. The more sun the better!
One of the most common rookie mistakes is over watering. "IMO/E" watering..'every other day',... for that size plant, in that size pot, sounds like too often.
Don't remove leaves unless they are "dead".

What kind of dirt is she in?
there will be others chiming in with advice and comments for you I'm sure ;)
Ok thanks on the tips i really apperciate it i can use all the help i can get ill just put her in the shade after she gets her sun.shes in foxfarm heard that its some good soil.yea i water every other NO messing with leaves unless dead?and the two leaves that kinda look like dry at the tips is from heat stress?sorry just making sure
koo thanks man i appreciate it any chance can you tell how old they are?or i wont be able to tell?
it dose not matter how old it is if you r finishing it outdoors. just keep track of days when she starts to show her pistils. so you have an idea of how manys days untill harvest. but even then u just have to kno when the trichs r done:cool:
Ok it startd to rain out of no where and i didnt want the plant to get over waterd so i took her inside.was the right thing to do?i was going to keep her indoors untill sunny agen.
Doesn't have to be clear for the plants to get the UV rays. I'm a new grower also, and feared the over watering so I just pulled them under the overhang when it randomly started to rain. Plus I had just fed nutes, so I didn't want the rain to flush them out. I've heard rain water is good though, so i'd leave them out if I hadnt recently fed/watered.
Well i didnt really have no where to put her under anything so i put her in but i will make alil spot for her just incase it dose rain agen.yes i herad it was good water too we were outside having a lil session and it startd to rain a good friend of mine ran in and try to find somthing to collect the water it was just funny to watch how fast he was going.well she is back outside now that its dry out.
Thanks for the help man i appreciate it.
Outdoor plants are not scared of a little rain ! Most can't run indoors if they feel a rain drop anyway. So, the hardest part is to do nothing at all. Patients Lad...........
being over watered once by the rain is no big deal...its if you always have it soppin wet, then that causes the problems...
yea i keep it wet cause im forgetful but i water every two days or so the only reason why i moved her in was cause i just waterd her then it startd to rain and i didnt really have a spot to put her under thanks for the advice.

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