Tricking Your Pot

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May 25, 2005
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Indoor growers trick pot by light manipulation. Cutting the lights to 12/12 tricks the pot into thinking it's fall so it flowers.
But there are other interesting things you can do with marvelous plant, both indoors and outside.
Even if a plant is in full veg and you have the lights on 24/0, if you cut ALL light to say a single branch to maintain a 12/12 light schdule for that branch, then that 1 branch will bud out, while the rest of the plant stays in veg.

Outside, by creative topping and chicken wire, you can train the plant to grow in a geodesic dome shape.
And if you attach plastic berries & flowers to it, and tell anyone who asks that the chicken wire is to keep the birds from eating the berries, you can fool even experienced growers, like a friend who did just that fooled me (until I picked a berry).
Can you get a pic of that bush????. That would be interesting to see.
I personally have never done it, but after reading about it in a book by Ed Rosenthal a friend of mine did it.
His lights were on 18/6. 6 hours before they were set to turn off he would go in to his growroom and he had a cardboard box with a slot for the stem.. He'd put it around the lowest branch and leave it there until the lights went out, then go back in and remove it.
He did this for 2 months and harvested ripe buds off that one branch while the rest of the plant remained in veg.
I'm going to try it, cause I'm a huge ******* dork. To isolate a branch, wrap it on foil! Ganja, you DA MAN! I'll let you know.
I didn't try this because I just set both my plants to flower. Maybe next time.
it would probably be easier to do this indoors with seperate lights and a timer . by simplyhaving shelves like a bookcase where you can move a side shelf where you want it . and drill a hole at the bottom of the side shelf or just booger it out twice the size of the stem you are going to use . then buckle a large lower stem to the bottom and sticking the side shelf over it where the whole lines up with the stem and using its own floresent light above with a timer on 12/12 not to say you get a good harvest out of flos but if large enough seem like you can use as large of lights as you want to . but sorry to but in on your nice thread ganga you just gave me an idea . a quick way to distinguish male and female too.

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