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May 11, 2011
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I hate to ask this question but i was told no question is a dumb one. Seems my final product is pretty good. I like a good 60 40 mainly indica. A friend of mine brought over some really good stuff that was loaded with tricomes(crystals) My finished product doesnt have buds loaded with crystals. I want to know how to bring out the most tricomes as possible. I get some but this stuff was remarkable!! Is it the genotype? Anybody have any suggestions? :doh:
We would need to know lots more stuff, like grow room size, lights, etc. There is more then just one thing that goes into great smoke. Tell us more.
I would also like to add that not all strains Pack on the Trichs you know what strain we are talking about?....But as RoseBud stated..enviorment is the first Key to success...But please tell us more

I read that lowering your lights off temp 10 to 15 degrees lower than when the lights are on helps.

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