trimming the leaves,

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My moms friend's husband said to trim off the fan leaves so the plant could focus on the bud, he siad it would make the buds bigger is this true?

I know that the plant needs and uses the nutrients in the leaves and when the plant is done with the leave is dieds and falls off. Has any one tired this before and if so was there a different? any help with this would be nice, thanks. So far i'm getting about a half ounce per plant give or take a gram. Plant high when harvest is about 2 half/3 feet. I'll add pic later tonight when i get home of the plant i got hanging up right now, i think is pinty so does my mom. she laughed at it. :( :(

here it is.

Don't trim leaves.
They don't take energy away from the buds, they help supply it.

Your buds DO look 'pinty'.
Without being there I can't for sure point to the limiting factor(s).
But if you'd care to tell me things like container size, potting soil, nutrients, light, water pH, and ventilation, plus anything else you can think of like frequency of watering, I'll see if I can help you double the size of your buds.
I know, I got like 18 grams off the last plant. But it's 6 weeks flower :) it's hard to wait, my last 3 i'm going to wait till 8-9 and maybe take one more at 7 not sure yet. Anyway I use right now 10" pots for flower ( i did'nt know then) and I use like 8" for veg I got some new ones tonight. I use tap water I have use nutrients both veg/flower it seems not to make any difference at all good or bad. I use a 400 ballas with a 430 son angro bulb, I think that's how you spell it. I wanna get a 250 or even a 400 watt MH to go with it for Flower. I think my mom might by me one for christmas :). For ventilation I use a couple of fans, the flower area and veg area are open places in difference conners of my parents basment. I water every 2 days a cup or water.
Might be watering to much (wait for more opinions) mj likes a drier climate and soil, but don't let it stay dry. Ask for a 400 watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light instead that way you dont need the MH.
The sun-agro is, I believe, a full-spectrum bulb.
But how old is it? Bulbs need replacing every year.
Water--if you're using tap water, leave it out in an open container for several days to let the chlorine evaporate. And get a pH tester for your water. For soil grows you want 6.5. If your pH is off you can be blocking certain essential nutrients from your plants.
Many chem nutrients are too strong and have to be applied at 2/3 recommended strength.
You should transplant to bigger containers. Here in the U.S. we go by gallon size, not inches. Most growers go with 3 gallons or larger. Make sure any containers have lots of drainage.
Light--you need 50 watts HPS per sq/ft.
Ventilation--marijuana needs fresh air, the more the better. Fans in a room just blow air around, they don't being fresh air in.

Most importantly, you need enclosures for your plants. A enclosure with interior walls painted white will greatly increase your lumens, for just a few bucks. You can make enclosures out of 1" x 4" s and plywood. For each enclosure, get 2 bathroom exhaust-type fans (less than $15. each), cut 2 holes in the plywood and install the fans using the enclosed template. The exhaust goes in the top, the intake near the bottom. Then work on some way of getting fresh air in the basement.

Finally, how do you determine when to harvest your plants?
I do let the tap water site out for a while before i use it. Mmy bulb is cuming up on a year. I also leave the basment window open cause of the heat and the feresr air. harvest? when ever i think it looks good enough or i got no weed.
What to you constitutes "looking good"?

What brand of nutrients are you using?
Right now i got this shit that is called A/B Grow and Bloom. Looking good (smells great off the plant, it's sticky but the pistals are only like 10% brown) and when i have no weed it's hard not to take some off. I'm trying to let the others go 9 weeks. But they don't look like that getting any bigger(buds).
this A/B grow and bloom are u using this for vegative and flowering phase? What is it 20/20/20 or what?
The Super Veg A bottle is 1.5 0 2.6 and the B bottle 0.5 0.5 5.0. The Super Bloom A bottle is 1.0 0.6 2.0 and the B Bottle is 2.0 0 2.0. Here are some pics, The owner of the hypro shop was cool and he said he grows weed too and this works great.


Wanna see more pinty shit :( I think I may know what the problem is with thos plants when I put them into bigger pots most of the dirt fell off the roots and they didn't say in the dirt that well. I had problem with roots growing upwards and not beeing staying under the dirt, when I pull them out of the dirt the roots were small. With these new plants i'm going to veg them till 3 or 4' tall using the veg shit use it till the the 3rd week of flower then flush then us just tap water, I also think I was warting to much i'm going to try and go 5 or 6 days in between. :) I'll get it soon in the mean time i'll get a little smoking weed. Here are some pics of my new 5 plants and my 8 clones and some of that smoke i got now.








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