Trying to reviving a trooper with one nutrient outdoor

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May 17, 2011
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Hi started this post to demonstrate this product that I believe rocks. I received a dying lionheart seedling that had been stunted for two months according to friend.

I repotted the plant in cocos with Aptus outdoor and planted the seedling into it. Later I will post some pictures

Bless; love and gratitude :cool:
mojo for the revive

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:

Everyone this seedling has seen better days. Now the rejuvenation process is about to start.

Added the Aptus outdoor heard its Aptus base boost in the U.S.A.. to the cocos. Here you can see 2 days after the new growth already with Aptus outdoor. The bottom leaves still are showing the signs of burns and fatigue.

Lets see how, it goes...Will post weekly on this young one. May Karma be with us on this journey.....

Bless; love and gratitude :)


This revival doesnt seem to be working...Are you sure your growing marijuana?

It sure looks like some other weed. That is the saddest marijuana plant i have ever seen. Prognosis is not good.
No OGKush thats a mj plant Im sure..But it does need some serious attention...sorry to bust ya bubble JahLeon but you have some issues..
wewould like to help ...can ya give us some info on the enviorment/soil/lighting you are useing...Hope to se them again in a week and they doing better ...untill then take care and be safe
Did you say thats been stunted for 2 months, thats 2 months old?
???? Got me curious now to see more pics and watch this thing grow out if possible.
just grind it into the ground, expend your energy on something worth while.
LOL--I am guessing that this was either spam or the 2+ month old plant died.
Yeah, saw your comments last night.

The old lionheart died, it was a miracle that is survived that long. Under the 2 layers of canopies and weather changes. Sativas are a bit more sensitive to cold. Can not save them all.

Sorry about the late reply but no it was not spam and it was a ganja plant of Canadian genetics. They are very good genetics.

Took pictures of 3/3 new lion heart seeds that sprouted. Prior in this season, too many seeds was sprouted and had them layered under each other. Reviving plants can be done but not always.

Just been busy helping other growers. Very stretched out at the moment with work. But I love the support i got here with nice links.

Keep an eye on the link. Included is the main canopy plant it was under and some other tests.

Bless; love and gratitude :cool:




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