Ummm, am I high or stoned?

Elephant Man

Oct 5, 2006
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Ok, took a week or so to gather the courage to ask this but...

Am I high or stoned?

Once you stop laughing, give me a serious answer, please.

I have never been to Amsterdam, but I have smoked alot in the past 20 years (usa CA), I have never learned much by buying but too keep your mouth shut:( . Thanks to this site I am learning by leaps and bounds! I have always assumed different highs were caused by much more basic conditions like tolerance level (at the time), potency, mood before smoking...never imagined so much difference in strains.

So I assume most of what I have had has been crappy commercial early cut etc, probably mostly indica?

And do I have this right?

Stoned = Indica = body high?
High = Sativa = head high?

Still have no idea which one I am, but as long as I am not in pain or sick from pills I am happy:) . I guess I will wait until my seeds get here and find out.


It depends on how the weed was grown. Yes, commercial sometimes is crappy, but it has nothing to do with strain. It has to do with the way it was grown, dried, & Cured. Also depending on when it is harvasted will also effect the high you get. Although, Generally speaking

Indica - Body Stone
Sativa - Head High

But again it really depends how it was grown.

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