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Tokin Dog
Jan 20, 2005
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here she is, aint she cute. she's so small.... maybe she'll put out 2 or 3 oz. :D

damn weeddog thats nice is that the widow? I see that gallon thing in the black plastic wrap (co2)! whats that in the pie holder dome things? really nice buds though l LIKE
the pie pans are covering a hole where another plant could have been. its a 4 plant cabinet. :) yea, that a widow. small but potent. need to vegg that stuff longer i think.

thats so ******* sweet man I cant wait to grow some after this havest I wish I had a ******* camra
another thing how meny times you top
toped it twice but could have vegged it a few more weeks.
Hey Weeddog, looks great!

You kept them small, but with lots of buds. This is a great way for growing in a litle grow box if you don't have all the space.

How long was the total grow?
that one was a cut i took from the grow just before it. i took the cut two weeks into flowering and flowered that batch 8 1/2wks. today is the first day of week 9 on her so clone time, vegg time, and flower time will add up to 17wks total. not sure what i'll harvest off that little thing, but as of now i'm guessing round 1/4lb.
You took the cut from a plant that was already flowering? Then you did not veg that clone also? That's new to me.

Thanks :)
So if you take a cutting in flowering you dont have to veg the clone you just flower it a little longer?
i took the cut two weeks into flower and it took 4wks to root and start growing. then i let it grow another 4wks till my crop was cut, dried and room cleaned out so i guess you could say it vegged for 4weeks. it did take a little longer to revert back to vegg stage.

didnt meane to give a wrong impression here. no, i do vegg some. i did flower one plant last year that wasnt vegged any. after it developed roots i put str8 into flower and it was very small. like one small cola and a few small side branches. total dried weight was 11g.
OK I get what your saying now so when you take a clone during flower it takes longer to root and start to grow?

thats cool that you can put a clone right to flower....does the cutting have to taken when in flowering?
no, you dont have to take when flowering, you can take cuttings any time. its best to take before flowering starts. these were gonna be moms from plants after i had determined the sex on them, so they were starting to bud. they had to stop budding before they started growing again. takeing a cut before flowering lowers veg time needed to start growing good again. i would recommend cut before flower but if yo got the time, try what ever you want. :)
Iv been reading grow reports on AK48 i think im going to grow that next instead of WW
i think i'll slack off the widow after next grow. lots of real good genetics out there. i think as long as it says high thc then its good...
I pulled that lil babe last friday and today i just finished manicureing the bud. Total weight turned out to be 117g, little over 1/4 lb... not too bad for a small plant.

I'll get some pics soon. :)
you ************* your so lucky if I pulled that I wud shit myself great grow my man good luck on the next :)

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