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Jun 11, 2011
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Hello guys and gals!

I found the site through a Google search. I have a serious cultivation question, and I thought this forum would be more appropriate than Yahoo! Answers or Ask.com. So, I have made an account, perused the site, and now I introduce myself.

I am Hosehead. I am an American who now lives abroad in a country where growing small quantities of cannabis is legal. I have never really tried to grow before, since it was illegal where I used to live, but now I am enjoying playing around with my legally allotted amount.

I shall ask my question in the appropriate section. Let me say that I am delighted to have found your forum. Hopefully I will get some good advice, stick around, and eventually become a contributing member. Thanks for the meeting place!

Hey Hosehead, i found this place through a google search also, that was 3 years ago and im still here.


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