What Type of Lighting do you use??

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240w flouros for seedlings and vegg
2/ 400w HPS for flower = 800w
(2) 65 watt flourex lights for veg

(1) 400 watt hps for flower
is it not recommended that i use a 400w HPS throughout the full cycle, or am i better with a mix of HPS and flouros, any advise will be helpfull amd maybe cheaper
I am using a 600 watt hps, and was curious on how far the light should be from the plants, they have four leaves and I want to put them under the light, some one said that two and half feet to three feet from the plants wouldn't hurt them.
CFL's Daylight 6500k and Soft white 2700k for Veg and 400w HPS for flowering. About to put 400w MH into service for veg soon as new grow room is finished.
CFL unitl now but just bought 2 fluorex for veg and
1000 HPS for flower
250 watt mh and 50 watt hps for veg.
1000 watt hps and 600 watt hps for flowering.
kasgrow said:
1000 mh for veg
600 hps for flower

Hmm, I'd be curious the outcome if you switched those lights duties, unless that 600 is over a SOG table......

250hps in veg with a 44w cfl for supplimentation
3 22w 5500k CFLs in veg.

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