Whats up? good morning stoners

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Do I lOoK hIgH???
Feb 28, 2006
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well just wanted to say whats up to everyone since im new to this forum so ima say a little bout myslef im just your typical pot head hahaha sadly i dont grow my own but soon i will and i saw that most of you have some very nice growing skills or just lucky to get a very beautiful plant?well yeah anyways whats a good way to start of the morning by getting high with a fresh bowl of some chronic hahaha yeah im high well hit me up im a coo person that gets along with everyone hope fully you guys will give me mad tips when i growing:)
Welcome to the forum. Kick back and enjoy. There are some good links in my sig. to get you going. I'd start with the grow guide. If you have real player and high speed. Check out the Mr. Green "I grow chronic video". Excellent 1 1/2 hr. on how to build a grow room. ;)
thnx good looking heh cant wait to start growing
whats up FaTaL1. glad to have ya. plenty of great people around to help you out when you get started. hope ya get growing soon. :D

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