Where Did Everybody Go?

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Mar 27, 2005
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This forum was picking up nicely for a minute - it has been so slow ever since I got back online... :(

is it my deoderant? :eek:

oh, well, maybe they are out tilling - lol :D
Close, went out to do some yard work today. I am always checking the forum...
Jeez, I Can`t Even Do That - Its Raining Here...:(
Well that blows! I have to go make a new post - I am finding posts that are not coming up on the link :::sigh:::
I'm here!!! Been real busy lately. I've been reading the posts, just haven't had time to reply to too many!;)
NTC - I`m so glad you`re back! Some of these threads need your expertise!

What are you up to these days? ;)
I'm here everyday just nothing great to report....
Auto:::sigh::: you would have plenty to report, if you would! I am going to start throwing out questions about growing in general - get the info going in these pages - you can be my answer man! rofl! ;)
Auto, you dawg, you - rofl! I have questions that I can`t answer - and other posters have questions that I can`t answer - lol - so there you are...rofl! ;)
notthecops said:
Goldie......You need to register with the US army. They need good drill sargeants!! ROTFLMFAO:p

Oops - sorry! I guess you can tell that when I worked, I was the boss... :eek:

And just like here - we had a good time, but the work got done! :p
lol I know...and I have questions too, thats why NTC is here!!! LOL I think between the three of us there isn't any question we can't answer! Like the Dynamic Trio or something..lol and yes Goldie is the leader NTC and I are just the pawns! lol
Baloney! You guys can run circles around me with one leg tied up behind yer back.;)

NTC? NTC! Where are you? ROFL! :)
yeah todays my first day on in a week moved out of my girlfriends house and Im staying in hotels and working my ass off wont be on much anymore till I get my own place had to get rid of all my plants and everything real bummer Ill be on time to time see you guys later
Cincy, sorry to hear that...but its good to see you back on here. :)
I'm sorry to hear that Cincy. I hope you find a new home soon. That really is a bummer, you had a fight with your GF?
keep on fightin' cincy, i know what it is to be homeless, parents kicked me out after they pressed charges against me for growin' MJ in the garden


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