who here loves ebay i do i do !!!!!!!

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yogi dc

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Mar 5, 2006
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I just won a 400 HPS set up for 5.50 + 20.00 for shiping for a total of 25.50 . :Dand humidifier for .99

Tell your stories of great buys from ebay. :)
Now you need a bulb, a ballast and a reflector.
There may be a ballast built into it. I can not tell.
Good luck with your grow.
I "stoled" a buned piece of toast with the image of the Virgin Mary on it!! only $2,500!!
The set up includes a new bllast. i already have a reflector that i recived with my 250 HPS light
Damn good deal then.
I never got such a deal. The best deal I got on e-bay was a new stereo binocular microscope for $75.00 delivered. It retails for $500.00.
No one bid on it except me.

Good luck with your grow.
If you need any questions answered, the forum is here to help.
Dam i think that thats a dam good deal that you got to alsome !!!!!!!!!
Dam it must be my lucky week i just got SYLVANIA LUMALUX HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM LAMPS.(6)LU400 BALLAST S51... 67523-2. NEW IN THE BOX 6 of these 400 watt bulbs for 3.50
i just got my ebay account started............ im gonna sell drugs on there hahaha
ha ha ha, i will be your first buyer, hmm let me get an Oz of white widow. Do you take paypal?

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