why is it slowing down?

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Jan 28, 2006
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hey guys, i checked the grow guide, and there wasnt anything on this, so here goes, okay my plant(s) are still youngin's, and barley have two 1" leaves, and i was wondering why it seems to be going slower then it did to get to where they are now, my plant is around this size(my camera sucks, bad, and i couldnt upload the pics for some reason, so i borrowed a pic) and if anyone can help me with the lightig schedule, i just flick it one when i get time, but that might be causeing it to slow down, any help is really apprceiated...:)

leave the light on 24-7 for best growth. you are really messing your plant up flicking it on and off without a 24-7 or 18-6 light regiment . besides that what type light you have .
A strict light scheduel is absolutely neccesary. No "flick" it on "flick" it off. 24/0 or 18/6.
get a timer, now.

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