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Jun 13, 2011
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I'm about to start growing indoor and i have a few question , i read a lot stuff , regarding the light does it really matter with vegetative and flowering? i heard i need 30w for vegetative and 60w for flowering ,

shall i replace he pot after the vegetative or its ok to keep the seed in 1 pot for 3 months?
The first thing you should do is read the stickys above your post, and the stickys in the lighting section. They are written by people who have been doing it for awhile and know what they are talking about, It can answer alot of your questions, and help you grow the best bud fore your space. Good luck on the grow.
In my experience, if you are going for cfls...26 watt daylight for veg, 26watt soft white for flower. If using MH or HPS, its MH for veg and HPS for flower. I personally use a whole lot of the 26watt cfls for veg, then move under our 2 400watt hps for flowering. About transplanting, its usually best to have a few transplants to avoid rootbound problems. My pattern is party cup, to 1 gal grow bag, to 3 gal growbag but it also depends on how much room you have available, how many plants, and how big you want them IMO
Sorry to be a party pooper here but W has very little to do with your lighting.
W is a measure of power, when related to lights, it is usually expressed as power consumed and bears no relation to the efficiency of the output of the light. If you had 23 x 26W cfl's this would total almost 600W yet this would produce a max of (1750 x 23) 40,250 lumens, a 600W hps will produce 90,000 lumens. So as you can see, you are not using the correct unit for your needs.
What you should be interested in is Lumens, which is a measure of light intensity or how bright a light is.
So your first interest should be in lumens. However lumens on their own or Wattage for that matter will tell you nothing.
You need your measurement to mean something. Lumens per plant???? This too tells you nothing.
The reason for this is I may grow a 4ft tall, 3ft diameter plant, this obviously needs more light than a 9" auto.
The measurement you are looking for is lumens per sq ft of canopy space.
So, while a plant is in veg, you need a min of 3,000 lumens per sq ft of canopy, for flowering it is a min of 5,000 lumens per sq ft of canopy.
The spectrums of light Evil mentioned are correct, Daylight (6500kelvin) for veg, Warm (2,500 kelvin) for flower.

Sorry if this was all very technical but I would rather know someone gave you correct information than partial information.
Peace W
Woody hit the nail on the head.

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