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May 25, 2005
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You know how someone comes up with a way of doing something that makes you want to smack your self in the forehead and go "Now why didn't I think of that"?
I just read of a new method of growing that sounds terriffic.
You know how when you're growing hydro you use an air pump/stone to aerate the water?
The reason for this is because mj roots need 02 (oxygen). Soil growers inside and out add perlite to their medium to keep soil from getting compacted so air can get to roots.
Well a guy named stickyfingers (at another site) came up with a technique that gave me one of those head-slapping moments. So simple and so logical. Another person who tried this raves about it. He says it gives hydro-style growth rates in soil.
Ya ready?
Aerate your soil.
Put an air stone in the bottom of your containers, run the tubing to an air pump and fill with soil.
That's it.
Simple huh?
Run the air pump full-time.
You can get air pumps cheap (7 or 8 bucks at wal-mart, etc). Tubing costs a few pennies per ft. and an air stone is about a buck.
So for under 10 bux you can get explosive growth.
I ran this info by a few of my experienced grow pals and there was more head-smacking.
I'm going to be setting up my indoor grow now that my outside girls are just about done and use that technique and if it works like stickyfingers says it does I'm ever gonna try in in my outdoor grow next year.

Just goes to show you that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.
Wow that sounds really appealing for how shall I say.. financially limited growers such as myself? haha thanks for the tip Guru thats awesome Ill definatly try it on my next plants cause the one I have now is too far gone to be digging up her and all that stuff.

But first let me see if I understand correctly how easy you say this is...

a) plug the pump into wall socket, pump runs tubing to stone and air releases from stone?
b)so the stone is releasing air up from below the roots?
A. Yes.
B. Yes.

It would seem to be best to put a bit of soil at the bottom of the planter first, otherwise a lot of the air would be lost through the drain holes.
The person I read about it from said that it doesn't shorten flowering time or increase bud size.
It's purpose is to speed vegatative growth, like CO2 augmentation does (but way cheaper/easier).
Most growers veg their plants to a specific height before switching to 12/12. Using air stones/pumps would cut the time it takes the plant to get to that height. Ultimately that would mean more grows over say a few years.
For outdoor growers it would mean bigger plants before flowering begins. And bigger plants mean more buds.

It will pay for itself, since it takes less elect. to run an air pump than it takes to run HID's.
Alright sounds good, thanks for the tip Guru!
GanjaGuru said:
if it works like stickyfingers says it does I'm ever gonna try in in my outdoor grow next year.

Ganja what you mean I'm ever gonna try in my outdoor grow?

That idea sounds very good, but is the stone require? can't you just run the air hose into soil?
Ganja when you grow outside you plant in pots?
Yup. Nice idea. I'll try it too. Still got a lot of pumps left over from my fish egg hatching days.
that sounds phenomenal!!!

i'm definitely gonna try that technique.
I grow outside in both pulp pots (in rocky ground where it's too hard to dig) and in the ground.

The air stone is to diffuse the air, rather than having it in one place.
Actually, an air BAR would be superior to an air stone, since it disperses the air over a wider area.
Come to think of it, I've seen air stones in aquariums that are a circle. It seems like those would be best.

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