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    Indoor Grow Play by Play

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    If you have enough money to pay for a rental home AND a regular home and deal with all the bills that come from owning both, why not just build a special addition to your owned home and skip the hassle of a rental, OR, if you have that kind of dough to throw away right now just buy the dang...
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    First off, why would you have your chamber outside of a secure area? Aren't you the one that had the cops in his yard a few weeks back because of a spat with the neighbors? That should have taught you a lesson that it ain't worth having your grow just sitting out in the open in a place easily...
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    Growing with CFL's???

    I always recommend CFL's for people who are just starting out. Why? Because they are a heck of a lot more forgiving to mistakes than if you were to use a heavy duty growing light. Get your technique straight while using CFL's and then upgrade to something more powerful. If you are just starting...
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    couple of beginner questions

    To be safe you should start maybe four or five plants in vegg. After that put them into flower and they should weed themselves out when they sex. The chances of all of them being female are extremely small so you will be able to thin the crop down to two or three. Growing in the same box is...
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    Trimming while in flower.

    Its about five feet tall, three feet wide, and maybe four feet deep.
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    Trimming while in flower.

    14400 Lumens total is not enough?
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    Trimming while in flower.

    I tied it down safely and now the other shoots are growing up just as quickly. Haha, the plant looks like it got stuck in the middle of a spiders weave because I had to tie back all the stems. haha
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    quit treatin me like a drug dealer

    I didn't bother to read the rest of the posts after the first, so if this has already been addressed, sorry. Dude. You seriously need to set boundaries. If you don't, people will not know when they are stepping over the line. People will continue to push forward on you until you tell them...
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    Thought this Site was Banned

    If this place ever got shut down I would be so ******* screwed. I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
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    Well said. Keep your head up. Your parents love you and they are trying to do what they feel is right for you, even at the expense of forgetting what it was like to be of that age. I would urge you that if you feel the need to continue experimenting, as most people do around your age, make sure...
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    Am I going Crazy?

    So when I first started my CFL grows, I walked right into my nearest lowe's and right in from of me in these multi-packs were the bulbs I needed. I knew they were the ones because right on the package the said 1600K and 2700k in big bolb lettering. I walked into the store today and they no...
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    380 Volts

    I have no clue, but I think TCVG could tell you. He's an electrician. Of course, he feels just the same as I do about do it yourself home electrical modification.