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    The Brother's Grunt Stoneybud grow

    damn TBG.. :eek: i knew theyd turn out good but there some seriously nice looking buds man, its been a good read and some great eye candy as always :D how long until your cures over?
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    unknown quantity

    It just means your a new member and havent had any props its your respect level. The more respect you receive the more your level will progress.. You can give or take respect from another member using the little scales at the bottom of there post profile on the left.. but negative repping is...
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    Smokin Moms attempt

    Mom is your straight up green thumb.. even if she wont admit it ;)
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    Smokin Moms attempt

    yeah same thomas, sure have done an awesome job with them mom. must be a matter of days :eek:
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    Smokin Moms attempt

    lol the trichome's are probably all sat around high as **** going "shall we go cloudy?... shall we?.... ok guys get ready to clench"
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    Smokin Moms attempt

    Lucy's gonna be the bomb mom! Looking so good! two thumbs up and a keg of congrats from me lol
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    The Brother's Grunt Stoneybud grow

    They look so lush! loving the dark green shiny leaves they got. Cant wait for trich shots and big buds lol
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    Trailer Grow

    So man, Hows it growing?
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    The Brother's Grunt Stoneybud grow

    Man they look sweet!
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    Early Bud

    Sounds good maverick. Weve done this on our grows, its nice to get a taster of things to come, kinda like seeing a trailer for a movie you have to see!.. Looks like some tasty nug right there too man!.. what strain is she? and how was the smoke?
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    Now...This Is A Joint

    damnit BBP.. this forum teases me when im dry... but when i have smoke i dont see any of this??... lol Looks awesome!, reminds me of our last harvest, damn good times bro :D Looking forward to that smoke report
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    Smokin Moms attempt

    Well you know how i feel about lucy.. Thats one damn beautiful plant you got right there! lol
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    stealth drying

    I know it sounds sketchy but if either of you have a car you dont need for a week you could dry the buds in the boot under the parcel shelf. I wouldnt recomend driving anywhere with ounces of weed in the boot though ;)
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    Why do you grow?

    I grow because like pimpwithalimp said. Dealers bite. Scum of the earth. Bud shouldnt be illegal and definetly shouldnt cost much, but right now an 8th of nug is more expensive than an 8th of gold. is this right? So the way i see it im just partaking in yet another human right ive been denied.
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    Smell dat Blueberry!

    awesome looking grow growdude :) gotta say blueberry is up there in my top 3 strains. Looking forward to seeing how it goes