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    The Brother's Grunt Stoneybud grow

    damn TBG.. :eek: i knew theyd turn out good but there some seriously nice looking buds man, its been a good read and some great eye candy as always :D how long until your cures over?
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    Must See

    lol good stuff man
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    Hey Everyone-

    hey ma, really sorry to hear about your dad, just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and i hope that whatever happens isnt too tough. all the best from me and dr greenthumb
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    Riz? Is that really you?

    hey guys! lol what a thread yep. its me, been pretty busy recently, havent been around but i am slowly getting back into the swing of things. but im trying to get back more, got 2 LST'd calis and taking an adventurous leap of faith have planted 2 bagseed (supposedly thai but the green was so...
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    I set you all a challenge!!

    You sure are sadistic man
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    :eek: I wouldnt give or trust a 14 year old with a 2.2 let alone an FN FAL.. that most definetly is an un-eaven headed decision right there, but thats africa for you (if im not mistaken)
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    Freaky Pics

    i just noticed a doobie lmao...haha i see it!. man i see a face i think.. looks like a woman on a lounger smoking a fatty bigger than herself lol
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    Freaky Pics

    ok how about we post up a picture of a cloud, and get people to outline in ms paint what they see, could be interesting, either that or theyll all draw the same thing :rofl:
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    Freaky Pics

    Isnt it weird how we all perceive these shapes :hubba:
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    Freaky Pics

    lol bfok pass it to the left ;).. yeah hippy i saw what looked to me kind of like a person / body bag / mummy, but i wasnt sure if thats what you were getting at ;), i usually think im the only person who notices all the familiar shapes in everyday life
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    Planning for a trip in 08

    sounds great to me bfok :) jamaca, i've never been but im sure its a beautiful country with much to offer ;) if you could get yourself to the dam you should, right now a company where i live is offering a "pay the taxes only" service, so to skiphol airport from here is about the equivilent of...
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    Freaky Pics

    a duster? sorry man.. busy day this end lol.. im a bit wiped
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    Freaky Pics

    i dont get it lol
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    Giving and Receiving Thanks-

    im not far off being even... getting there :D