1 seed = 2 seedlings

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This is wierd, this is a TH Darkstar, tude freebie, when the seed popped the seed cap wouldnt come off, while i was trying to help it off i accidentily pulled the whole seedling up,I noticed the taproot had growth coming out of two spots, on the second smaller growth there was another root.

it went back in the dirt and has started growing. not sure if the lil one will make it but it has grown in the last few days.

doubles 002.JPG

doubles 003.JPG

doubles 004.JPG

doubles 005.JPG
Here is a pathetic drawing of what is going on under the soil.

double seed.png
That loos like contaminated soil.

...not looking like any cannabis i ever planted. looks like a normal weed sprout
OGKushman said:
That loos like contaminated soil.

...not looking like any cannabis i ever planted. looks like a normal weed sprout

I dont know what this means, it is a TH Darkstar seed from Attitude,

its definetly not contaminated soil, i saw the the roots connected to each other when i accidentily pulled the seedling up out of the dirt.

i have 13 other seedlings of various strains growing with it that look just like it.
Snickerdoodle said:
I think you would be better off by carefully removing the conjoined twin. I'd be concerned that the main stem might split in two at the base as the plant matures.

they are connected below the soil so i will let it go and see, i dont hold much hope for the little guy anyways, i will see what happens to it.
i just meant that it looks like a normal weed. An unwanted seed...like sesame or bird seed...etc

but if u say they are connected at the root, id remove it. Its not a twin...if one grows healthier, its a parasite.

Its not supposed to happen, and while cool, it will hurt your grow.
yeah they definetly came from the same seed, should i clip it at the soil level?? and leave the roots underneath to just rot, if i have to dig it up i will risk killing the main plant.
its grown slightly but not much, i will give it a few more days, i think a germmed to many anyways so im willing to gamble.


Gixxerman420 said:
Is it possible you dropped 2 seeds in this one?:confused:

no as mentioned, the tap root became deformed and grew 2 sprouts, i witnessed this when i accidentily pulled the whole seedling up, i prob should have taken a pic but i was in a hurry to get it back under ground,

its funny, seems alot of ppl flat out dont believe me,I dont really care, I cant fathom why I or anyone would make this up, im not looking for attention, just reporting what has happened.
Called twins dude...it happens (rare tho)
last pics posted...that aint cannabis
my cuz had a train wreck do the same thing i thout he was shiting me but sure enough it was 1 died off after bout 2 weeks good luck with it bruv:hubba:
seems the pics are more focused on the soil so a clear shot is not there.

The structure of the leaf tips look completly different then the main sprout, they are very thin, elongated, and pointed as opposed to round and thick like the big sprout, there do no appear to be any embryonic "water leaves" (round first set, which helps your theory; no embryo leaf, no embryo), the color of the meristem is different, i see no spike edges of a cannabis leaf, and (unlike cannabis) there appears to be a large vain down the first set of leaves...if it is a water leaf then it should not have a vain...interesting

Im just pointing out what i see from limited pics. If they are connected at the root and you pulled up he soil to check, then how did you find out without destroying the root?

It is possible, it just doesnt appear to be the same phenotype. Let alone the same order, family, or genus....Just my Opinion based on your pictures provided. I could be blowing smoke :48:

i understand where your coming from, the pics are less than perfect for sure, but in the last pics the leaves have taken on the chracteristics of the main leaves, it doesnt show, but in real life they have, maybe time will tell, i dont neccessarily want it to even live, i couldnt careless, but i will let it go and see.

as for pulling the root up, what happened was the seed cap wouldnt come off in proper time, imo, so i was helping it along as i somtimes do, and i accidentily pulled too hard and the tap root slid out of the soil, i poked a hole with my finger, sat the roots back in the soil, and back filled the hole, basically the same thing as taking sprouted seeds from paper towel to the soil.

just so im clear, im not mad or upset at all with any skeptizism by OG or anyone else, in fact i completly understand, the very first thing i have thought in the past when i have seen a thread like this is skeptisium, contaminated soil almost everytime.

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