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The grass is greener...
Jan 26, 2007
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I forgot to mention when I made my return msg the other week that I`m growing Crystal right now under my 400w HPS.
I only grow for myself, got sick of paying 80 pounds a week for bud that tasted like crud, and having to chase after it when the inevitable dry-up came around every year.
I`ve been at it for a while now (growing that is...) however I`ve been away from this site for three years as I gave up smokin`:doh: for a time, a pointless time may I add:) But now I`m back and I have to say it`s great getting into it all again. Reading up on the piles of data collected, lots of which has changed since the 'old days':) It`s amazing how quick it all comes flooding back. I really missed the whole grow experience.

Shout out to all the mods for keping this site tip-top with the latest info and helpful guidance. Also to everyone on here for the Sticky`s, grow journals and independant experiments, which furthers all of our collective knowledge in the unending and ever eventful task of growing our own.
wellcome back shugy hope to see you around./// peace
:welcome: back :D cant wait to see the goods
Cheers folks:)

SmokinMom!! It`s great to see the kids haven`t driven you into the mental asylum;) I suppose it`s all that great dank bud you produce that gets you through the stressfull times:48:

Thank you all for the very warm welcome.

It`s good to be back growing again!:farm: :watchplant: :ccc: :stoned:

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