anyone have idea whats wrong ?

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Aug 11, 2005
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the one with the scragly leaves to the left .im thinking over watered but not sure.

skunks pictures 007.jpg

skunks pictures 009.jpg

skunks pictures 010.jpg
the one to the left is missing full developed leaf
Are you fertilizing yet?.
How often are you watering?
Is the grow area humid (at least 25%)?
Iron clad rule--1 plant per container.

In a few more days those 2 plants roots will be intertwined; that's bad.
yes mutt organically fertilizing everyother day and purified water in between . with digital thermostat humidity has been staying at around 20 to 35 percent. and ganga what will it hurt if they intertwine ?
you are watering every day? That is probably your prblem. I can go 3-4 days without watering w/ 2-3 gal. pot. during veg. (I use three gal.) Flower is a different story. I have seen leaves droop for both under and overwatering in the beginning symptoms.

Its not so much the roots getting intertwined. you would need a 5 gal. bucket minimum to keep those roots from becoming rootbound really bad. So trying to seperate two plants that are attached to the roots can cause some serious damage to itself and the other plant.
well i didnt really wait on a reply when ganga said that was bad i went ahead and transplanted all with 2 plants in it . they were 4 gallon buckets but had had to find some more buckets laying around to transplant them in that wasnt quite that deep they were cleaned out chlorine buckets that holds 15 plds of chlorine whatever that maybe in gallons im not for sure maybe 3 gallons. . but all went well so far i only tour couple of side roots on 1 plant and went out and looked at them this evening and doing good so far.thanks for the replies .
the 1 with the leave problem is ww f-3 the 1st and 2nd picture is the same pic. the 3rd pic i think it is some kind of indica not sure anyone have any suggestions on what strain the 3rd pic is? my buddy says his buddy goes to south carolina and gets it that is about 450 mile from here . he says its some good shit or he wouldnt drive that far to get it he said he smoked some of it and got the seeds out of it and says it was real good shit but he says that about all weed even the males i raised last year lol so i dont know about him. i just figured i would grow a couple and give him one for himself to cover my ass. the point of that is i dont trust 2 many people at all while im growing mj . i trust him with my money my ol lady but not my weed .
Besides competeing for water/nutrients & light, another reason for NOT having 2 plants from seed in the same container:
let's say 1 turns out male, the other female.
So when the male grows balls you can't uproot it; that would kill the girl. So you'd have to cut it off at ground level. That means dead rotting roots from the cut off male intertwined with the roots of the female, not a good thing.

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