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Aloha from Hell
Jan 14, 2011
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Since the 8 Miles High from Mandala that i had in tent was a male and since will not grow in July, August and first half of September ( because temps ), have decided to throw one 8 Miles High and one bagseed to the dirt @ balcony.

They have sprouted today :hubba: . Tonight will post some pics.

Since this is my first go @ balcony grow, should i be more aware of what ? Bugs ? Lights ? What are the options for this ? Neemo Oil treatment until August ? And about the lights ?

What size pots should i use so they don't become monsters ? 11 Liters ?

The Bagseed was named Holy Sh!t :D
What is your purpose? Do you want to collect pollen? Why a bagseed that could well be a hermie?
Just for fun ... And to try the ratio of 2 plants one female ;)
Be careful of pollen getting into your grow room and pollinating your other plants. How do you know that the bagseed is going to be female?
I don't know ... But i don't know also if the 8 Miles is going to be ... So two plants in the balcony will see if nature gives me at least one female.
LOL--I thought you were moving the male 8 Miles High to the balcony. But you are simply starting 2 new seeds--doh:doh:
DSC_5119.jpg DSC_5108.jpg

Update pics from the balcony. Going to transplant them tomorrow and will give some baths of neemo oil next week.

The bigger is the 8 Miles. The other the bagseed Holy Sh!t :)

Some Lavanda and a kid's windmill :cool:

DSC_5135.jpg DSC_5136.jpg

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