Best way to source seeds

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Oct 18, 2013
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I was wondering if there is any benefit to buying directly from breeders rather than from resellers?
Are you more likely to get fresher seeds or a better selection from breeders?
I notice that resellers often offer stealth shipping where they take the seeds out of their packaging and mail the seeds in plain packages but sometimes the selection of seeds looks a bit dodgy with some tiny or soft seeds.
I used to visit Holland periodically to stock up on seeds from the breeder shops around Amsterdam but I no longer travel there and generally get seeds from online resellers.
The seeds I get now do seem to have a poorer germination rate than the seeds I used to buy in Holland.
yes buy from the breeders if possible

otherwise , hang out at a friendly pot site and get to know some of the members and you will probably find some generosity that exceeds the seed stores

are you looking for anything in particular?
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