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Squeezed the two Skywalkers right there in the middle just for a bit. I've grown these blueberry a few times under this HLG but I want to flower under the Photontek, so as soon as that tent is ready they will get relocated.
Not bad on the stretch now. I run my lights at night to help even out the temperature differential. Mid to low 70s at lights off, low 80s during lights on.
Lights on 11 hours, off 13. Buds are forming up.

Wrapping up week two of transition.

Pic taken 30min before lights out.
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I definitely slacked on some of the training. If you stay on top of it though, the mainline can be very uniform. I still have one more round of trimming in a week to remove lower growth that is just too far down below the canopy.

Can't bring myself to use a trellis net since I like removing my plants and inspecting them at a table. These will need support stakes in a few weeks though.
Start wk4 of flower. Lollipopped three of them and with the 4th(back right), a semi-lollipop leaving the lower fans and stripping just the growth at the nodes. Stripped a lot of satellite growth too. Only interested in mains.

Left a few specks of dirt in there, it's a real grow now.
Start of week 5 in flower. Topdressed with Dr. Earth 4tbsp of flower girl and 2 tbsp of the veg. The one in back right with the lower fans started showing deficiencies so topdressed a day early and stripped them. Hopefully was in time, should still be good. All plants looking fine, just need to start packing on size. Swapped the two on the left bringing the shorter one up front. Watering every two days, 800-900ppfd.
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