BtB, Kalichakra and Papaya

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Feb 15, 2010
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Finally got my 400w HPS so it's time to get started on some good seeds. Mandala's "Beyond the Brain" and "Kalichakra", and Nirvana's "Papaya"...all reg seeds.

I have my bag seed testers in the cabinet under the 400w so I can get everything dialed in with the temperature and humidity in plenty of time for the newbies to be ready. They went the first 4 weeks of flowering under cfl's and are a little starstruck with the increase of light. They are showing stresses, but are just going on and growing. They have only been under it for 4 days and I swear the buds have doubled in size already!

So on 8-12-11, I put 2 of each strain straight into the dirt as suggested by Mandala's website. The papaya both popped up on the 16th, and the other 4 made their appearance on the 17th. I put them under the flouro's and away we go.:watchplant:

I will probably just log an update about once a week until things get to rolling a bit further on. Just thought I would share my excitement!

1st pic is the overall cabinet, the next two are a couple of my bagseed testers just new to the 400w, and the last pic is the newbies.

See you all in a week or so! Here, pass this while we wait!




Good to see another Mandala grow. I have sure been impressed with mine. I harvested Kalichakra Tuesday and Wed. Still drying so don't know a final weight or anything.

Have fun and enjoy these beautiful genetics. what a special treat they are.
Oh boy! I just popped some Beyond the Brain, Point of No Return, and Safari Mix. I look forward to following along.
Thanks RB, I've been watching your grow with great interest for that very reason! I'm looking forward to a smoke report from you.
Woot! Hey THG, you should start a grow journal too, so everybody can compare notes as we go along! What do we have going now, 4 or 5 people with mandala grows going on.
Yes, THG, please do, we need your experience, i am not saying your old, but what ever...ha hahahahah, i am old so i can joke. Please do one.
I'll give it a try...I tend to start well and then kind of slack off. I also have a few C99 going and the 2UFOs I got from Attitude--a Pineapple Express fem and a California Hash fem.

Rosebud--your girls were/are beautiful. I really can't improve on that. And on being/getting is far better than the alternative.
I want to see that c99 too. Thank you but I would like to know how much nutes you use and when you use them. I guess it is different in hydro though. to see ya do one. You are right about the alternative, i don't complain anymore about getting old because some of my friends aren't here to complain. ya know? We are fortunate huh.
So its official we can be lookin forward to one from you THG awesome:D

Cant wait for the show:watchplant:
Subscribed. Sunwolf, I am doing Nirvana Papaya as well and am addicted to growing it. You will have a blast. :afroweed:
Woo Hoo! Not looking too shabby for only 3 days from the picture above to this one I took last night. These seeds have some pretty strong "grow" instincts, growing much quicker already than the bagseeds I've been running. I am so stoked to be able to run some really good genetics this time. :D

Gonna be a long :watchplant: , but so much fun!!


Mojo for the Grow

take care and be safe

6 days older and transplanted into their one gallon pots till they decide to show their girlie bits. :watchplant:

I opened up the tub of my new (cooked for a month, with being stirred and fed once a week) organic soil to start the transplanting and wow does it ever smell good. Such a rich, "alive" scent...deep and sweet and dank and....yeah, good stuff!! :rolleyes:

:farm: I think I'm gonna enjoy this organic growing so much more than pouring on chemicals. Not that there's anything wrong if that's your choice, but for me this just feels much more "right".

So here we go with the new pictures, one overall of all 6, and one closeup of each of them. Yes, the light is only up for the pictures, it normally resides about 2 inches above the tops.:aok:







Uhh Ohh...not looking so good this morning :(

Not sure what's up, this is the morning of day 4 since transplanting them and I woke up to see this. :shocked:

This is the first time I've tried a totally organic grow, so I'm sure it's something I've done, but I have no clue what.

Everything is mixed in a 68L (18gal) storage tote from wally world, soil is 6 bags of MG seed starter, 1 bag of perlite and a 1/2 bag of vermiculite. It is amended with one cup each of blood meal, bone meal and kelp meal, a handful of Epsom salt, a handful of powdered ag lime, and a double handful of Bio-Tone starter microbes.

It has been cooking for over a month, with weekly stirring and watering with a light molasses water twice in that time.

The soil temperature is cool, and it doesn't smell "hot"...just a nice deep healthy aroma like fresh turned dirt in my outdoor garden, so I don't think it's burning them from nutes. :confused2:







That is probably too hot. Mandala's don't need a lot of nutes. When they dry out again, flush them, or just run some water through them would be my first thought.
So sorry about this SunWolf. Since i don't use ammended soil i cannot help a lot but a big green mojo so someone can chime in. I don't know if flush is good idea since the problem (probably) is in the soil.
You need to flush some of those nutes out. Or repot perhaps.
Thanks Rosebud, I'll take your advice since you are familiar with Mandala strains. I'll go mix some plain soil into my remaining mix about half and half, and then repot them again. Then we'll see how they look in a couple more days.

Thank you!
maybe a 25/100 of what you have, better to go lite as you can always add nutes later.
Gotcha, went about 1/4 of my mix with about 3/4 of new, fresh plain soil. Guess we'll see in a few days if they are happier.

Thank you again RB!

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