bubblelicious did auto but no sign of trichomes

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Apr 6, 2011
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hey i was wanting 2 know if its normal for an auto that is on her 50th day not 2 show any sign off trichomes this is only my second grow so im still learning here is a few pics of my auto bubblelicious she has had no probs flowering apart from no thc glands





No trichs at all? That wld be strange. How big a grow space are you growing in and what size and kind of light you hitting them with?
The buds are still extremely small. I am guessing that she just needs way more time. What size and type of light are you running in how much space? What light schedule are you on?
ive got a 250w hps and a 160w dual cfl and growing in 3ft by 2.5ft is that enuff light or not and im running her on 16/8
From what I had read most ofthe autos do the best when the lights are on 18 or 20 hrs a day. What are your temps like?
Yeah I don't run autos anymore but ozzy is right....20-4 is a better light schedule for them.
Can't tell anything unless you take better pictures.
Mine are doing great! How did urs.turn out
I didn't really start to see trichs until my buds actually started developing during my bubblelicious grow . . . Just give them some time and they'll be nice and frosty.
Hoping all goes well with mine. Uploading pics now

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