Carbon filters verse's hepa organic/hepa carbon

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi everyone.. I am researching filters and know most everyone here use's the standerd carbon filters in conjunction with fans to alleviate odors from grow tent/rooms. I am thinking about buying one of the hepa organic filters which I beleive directly attaches to a light then out of the room/tent. Starting out with the filter. then to the light. thru the light and out of the tent? Does that sound right? Thanks everyone.. Hero
The hepa is for intake. The other one is for exhaust. I use them now over CAN filters. Their tiny, lightweight and washable. How long they last is stil TBD.
So the air would begin to enter thru the hepa filter.. then pulled thru the light or lights then out of the grow area? I don't understand.. sorry.. Hero

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