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Jan 31, 2011
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Hey everyone. I heard a story today from someone who ofcourse heard it from someone but it goes like this.. Supposedly there is this guy who grows up north close to where my brother lives and he has been growing for 10 plus years.. well He takes his buds and runs them thru something.. a screen. grinder.. some kind of apparatus.. and he gets only the triches or crystals off his buds then smokes them in a pipe.. Now supposedly.. he doesnt even smoke the buds after removing the crystals and gives them away.. The friend said the stuff looked white, like powder coke. I had never heard of this and still am having a hard time beleiving the story but is this a true tale or has someone been ** us.. I figuared if anyone knew.. someone here would.. Thanks Hero
hey, its just sifting the trichromes(thc crystals are whet gets you high) through a screen to make kief, you can smoke it or press it into hash. thats what hash is. check out kief boxes im planning to make one later this year.

you can also get little 3/4 piece grinders where they grind the weed and collect some of the trichromes through a mini screen so after a few months you have a pile of it in the bottom section to smoke or press
I have/use a grinder that has the screen. Works

Much rather make bubble hash and get all the trics instead of throwing the ground up buds away. Just my $0.02 :bong:
Yeah this is just called Kief....I prefer to use my small and medium buds for canna oil and cook brownies with it.
I mentioned to this person that all I had ever heard about was Kief and I heard it was very common in other countrys.. Now back in the day.. We used to buy hash all the time.. blond.. red and brown it was like 4 dollars a gram 70 or so an ounce and you could even buy hash oil on the street on ocassion.. I remember it came in a little glass eye dropper that had tin foil covering the tip and you would heat up the tin foil to drip it on papers and in the weed.. but I never heard or seen something that was white like powder that you could smoke.. Back in the early 70's up in Mass pills came out and ppl were selling it as THC tabs.. then there were caps ect 2 dollars a hit but all it was was PCP. anyways getting carried away. just cant beleive a white powder substance that you smoke is from cannabis.. never heard of it.. Thanks Hero
I think the guy is bsing.. I know about hash and heard of kief but I think the guy who actually smoked it and then told my brother was exauarating regarding it being a white powdery substance.. I beleive he might have seen some crystals in the mix.. I mean- u can see crystals in my buds and on plants.. but white.. nah..oo and he calls them crystal hits. Thanks everyone.. Hero
I guess it depends on each persons definition of powder
kiefe is "sorta" white powder.. slightly off white.. slight yellowish tint, but without a rather close inspection, I guess it could be mistaken for 'white powder'..
Hmm never knew that.. I always thought Kief.. even thou I never came across it in my life would be a greenish.. brownish.. powdery substance like loose hash.. Interesting.. Learn something new every day around this joint. lol Thanks Hero
i know peeps that do the same stuff!! they throw all ther buds in a polinater,, it big drum thats made of screen and it spins the frozen bud like a washing machein removeing most not all crystels,, iv seen the finished product thats white and yelowish<<< thes peeps then sell on the bud to mugs who know none the less,,,,so yes id say thers lot if not all the truth in your bruvs story!!. peace....[j];)
Love my Kief Box: hand crafted and easily collect your pollen crystals + wood comes from responsible harvesting methods. If interested you can get it at
I've definetely smoked kief that looks white. Most kief is off-white or yellowish... I guess it depends on the weed from which you get it.

Althought it looks nothing like coke, I can understand the confusion, especially to the unexperienced.

I prefer pressing it into hash... kief always seems melt faster than it burns.

PS: I used to throw my scraggles and leaf into a coffee grinder, bust it up good, and brush the keif off the lid. It sure wasn't efficient, but it did the trick,

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