Ebbnflowr grows Purple Milk - Cereal Milk x (Platinum Punch Remix x Platinum Kushmints

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And that's a wrap. Def my best work to date.

Outstanding, ya definitely nailed it. Beautiful 😍
Thank you!
That's amazing from seed or clone how can I get some of these genetics ever sent a clone or seed I'm willing to donate or trade some seeds have an unopened pack of red velvet x gmo garlic cookies which iv lookedup is reg GMO
This was from a cutting i bought from him! It wasnr even rooted im surprised I was able to keep it alive and flower it haha.
Dizammmm!!!!!you GTA be proud of that man great job finally getting Into photos but dizam killed it
Yes this one is the best one I've grown and cleanest run for sure. I had about 75% less watering events this run than previous and the drybacks really really helped. I was over watering a lot.

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