Ebbnflowr tests Keeper of the Treats - Truffaloha#2 x Truffle Treats#4

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Excellent use of the solo cup. I bet it's full of roots.....you're really dialing in now.
You were right 👍 got 3 of them into 1 gallon. Didn't miss a beat. Ready for another round of topping!

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that last time I saw roots that heavy was when the dutch sold their roots accellerator...what are you using to get such roots...
Dynomyco, power si, Athena proline with cleanse!

Dynomyco is the key I believe but I know the cleanse and the power si help as well.
Day 33ish for the testers. They've all been topped once and they all look pretty good now! I think they will get flowered in the 4x4 veg tent. I don't want to wait that long for my flower tent to open up but we will see! Pretty excited to see how these turn out. I have high expectations as both parents are killer cuts. I haven't had a chance to really push them yet as I'm still hand watering so they're only getting fed once a day. 2.0 ec 5.6-5.8 ph.

Ready for another round of topping.
Day 4F.. flowering in 4x4 veg tent...we will see what happens! They look super healthy. This will be my first time flowering in a drain to waste set up so I'm excited to try something new. Following Athenas p1 fertigation crop steering schedule where you stack ec and give less run off during stretch...then after stretch they have you lower ec and water more I believe...

Between this, the shit in the flower tent, trying to trim and cure the last harvest, I barely have time to wipe my ass lol...need to start making more money somehow bc it's taking too much of my time as much as I love it.....



Day 10F - This grandmaster vulcan board is the truth....onlh 70ppfd drop from center to edges. And they stay praying. Leaf tucking every couple hours lol. They keep reaching. First time flowering in a 4x4 in 1 gallon drain to waste. Still Trying to follow Athenas irrigation crop steering strategy. Stacking ec right now. Watering to very little run off. One has stretched 20 inches in 10 days. think I figured out the cloning deal finally after 2 photo runs. Finally have a try of healthy looking clones and not just 3 out of 36 like last time.
Herm alert herm alert...

Found him/her last night before lights out on day 18f of flower. Multiple bud sites. Oh well.
Hopefully no pollen got on the rest bc they are all looking really good. Frosting up already. Kind of expected on a tester pack I suppose. She was looking so healthy. Maybe I plucked too many leaves during stretch. Either way I didn't want to take the chance and I culled her vs taking the herm sites out. Not worth it to me.
An old trick I learned from a guy at an old site (I believe his handle was Fishcakes) was to take a spray bottle and wet the offending plant site down before culling to insure the pollen didn't travel. Worked like a charm when I messed up and put a he/she in my scrog. Got him out without pollinating the rest of my girls.
Looking good my friend.👍
Thank you!

Day 22...got some frost monsters in here...im prob gonna keep 2 we will see though...I took cuttings of 4. They are getting watered 5 times a day now and it's gonna get bumped up soon as they are drying back super fast in the 1 gallon pots of coco. No need for perlite. #1 has been the winner since the beg. I always number them as soon as a tap root comes based on the length of the tap root. She's is the frostiest and has the best structure. Number 1 is the first few pics.

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