grow at 45/

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Mar 24, 2011
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wot it is iv got a plant i plan taking 6 cuts from then im gona flower it my problem is it will out grow my space so i thout i may suspend it and tillt on it side at a 45/ angel my only thout on problems i may have is watering cause this means the pot will be tillted on its side to has anyone ever growing like so and is it posibel i figure if is tillted on its side more light will reach all the branching and more bud growth any thouts peeps:confused:
I would recommend tieing the plant down instead of tipping the pot.
003.JPGi thout on this 1 aswell maineharvest but the stem is that hard way and wont bend much so lst wont restrict the hight as much as needed //thats pic of wots hapnan the lil buded 1s are autos its the biger 1 to the left northern lights i plan on tillting peace
I dunno man im sure you can bend it over as far as you can, tie it, come back in a day or two and tighten it, and just repeat. Or you could top it. SLICE N DICE FOO!! lol
Tie it down. It'll bend, you just have to slowly manipulate it to your liking, firm but careful pressure and tying in place will take care of the issue. I have a few of mine bent at a 45 degree...they were worries. Just don't be "too" forceful"!
That stalk is thin my man. I dont think you will have a prob bending that.
i thought this to maineharvest the stem is realy thin but its solid iv did lst a few times only it seems this stain is stiff like wood only the very top has bit of bend from bout 3 inch down then its solid dont know if its anything to do with the strain thats why iv thout on doin the tillt thing its only watering thats gona give me isues because the pot gona be siting at 45/ angel:confused: im puzzald as wot to do with her i want to take the cuts from her today and would like to be cuting her down in 9weeks the autos next to her are 5 weeks old and got 5 week left so id have smoke from them then 4 weeks l8r id have some northern lights:hubba:
I have some NL flowering just now that would have caused the light to be too far from my other plants but I supercropped her and she loves it. 4 stems squeezed and pinched. It looks aweful when first done but they quickly bounce back, even in flower.

The other alternative you could try is to go virtical. It would take some working out if that pic is your flowering room but it could be done. Check out Fruity's virtical scrog, it may have some answers for you.

Good luck fella.
Mine was pretty stiff feeling too, I just grasped where I wanted it to be bent and slowly pulled and held it in place until it took the bend, I then tied it down. Took about 5 minutes of manipulating, but the plant then has a great bend allowing the branches to all go above and make a good even canopy.

I do this to most of mine right now, works good!
i set about and did this its sort of suspended and tied to hang ther at 45 angel i took 4 cuts off her and flicked timer on to flower her i think this will work i tried to put up pics but it wont let me cause they in my grow jurnal strange ay/// i love nl its up ther with my fav strains ill get some pics up when flowers start on the nl ///woody wich breeder is your nl from//peace
001.JPG im thinking this could work out ok for me all the side branching is geting more light all in ther bout15 bud sites and im not stressing her with bending it was more snaping her i was woried of /peace// any thouts troops!!:rolleyes:
Glad this is working out for you, keep us posted, my friend!!!
The NL came from hxxp:// They are very nute sensitive though growth is great.

With your pots being at a 45 deg angle, you will have difficulty watering I suspect and remember the plants will grow towards the light.
yes woody its all growing up wards to the light all side branching aswell kinda same efect as lst and iv sussed the watering part im able to put it upright for watering and then put back to 45 angel cause its only 1 tie holding the plant and i have the weight of the pot resting on something //it seems to look like its gona do the job only time will tell roddy ill keep this posted and see wher it goes///peace
If you tie it down and slowly pull it down a little more everyday, it will bend.
it just felt like it was gona snap on me :fid: thats why i didnt bother to and i was wanting to start flower asap when i went in after lights on today all the side branching was pointing upward//peace
Grab it 2/3 of the way up and break her neck. Snap it right on over. It will heal up fine and make one nice cola from that injuried healed spot up.
Just do it
lmao, I couldn't tell from the pics, thought you meant you had bent them...grasp that puppy about where you want it bent, then take the top and pull it downward slowly and gently, it can handle it! I do it to most my plants, no worries at all! And, as MM said, if it breaks, it will still grow!

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