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Apr 21, 2011
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I'm a few weeks into my 3rd grow, thought I'd join a forum where people are actually helpful and polite. Not going to name names.

Anyway, I've made a lot of mistakes (e.g. ph is important, ventilation is very important, don't cut until you are sure it's a male :doh:, etc.).

Looking to learn from the masters and hopefully help some newbs who are greener than me.

:welcome: J :D What are the specs on your grow? grow set up, number of plants, ect. or do you have any pics of your grow set up? Thanks mate
Welcome to MP.....different breed of animal here...nothing like those tool sheds....
welcome.. post some pix soon as you can so we can start throwing tips your way :)
Welcome !! I too have also noticed that it can be difficult to find a nice forum, I used to always go to overgrow but since they got shafted by the dea awhile back ive been lost in cyber space tell i stubbled upon this site!! Dont like those other ones. anyways Welcome aboard mate!
speaking of dea... should i be worried about posting pics? any net security tips that i should follow? i'm not too paranoid but don't want to jeopardize myself either.
Its probably best to post pics from a camera only. no cell phone pics. there are rumors its possible to trace the location of pics taken from a cell phone, especially the newer ones, and even more especially, iphone. That and I wouldnt recommend taking a pic with your face in it :D
i've got 3 plants, afghan nyc. They're under 6 42 watt cfls in a cab about 18d x 36w x 42h.

medium- organic potting soil
nutes- fox farm big bloom
3rd week of veg
Moses... should i try to keep my address out of the pics too? haha
NO we all need to know that mate, so we know where the party is :aok:
Oh and awesome, your box is about the same as mine :D I made mine from 3/4" plywood and its 2'x2' and 4' tall. I had 6 plants in it, but I had to trim it down to 5, and then one hermied. so I got 4 good females in there now :D
Just use your head and scan over your pics closely before posting them...just to make sure there is nothing in the pic that has info that cld identify you...I have taken pics of my girls on a table before and only after looking over the pics did I notice the mail with my addy was in the pics....lol So ya gotta look them over first.
whaddya think?



Hey J I really like your light set up :aok: is the one on the far right a little yellow? or is it the light?
yes, it's a bit lighter shade of green. I wouldn't call it yellow though. It's been treated the same as the others so i'm not sure why that would be.
jandi421 said:
whaddya think?

Great pics. Your set-up reminds me of my own, similar process. If I can figure out how to stick a pic on here, I'll post a few...

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