Hello everyone.

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May 29, 2011
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Just wanted to pop in and say hi. From the midwest. I have a couple small projects going atm and will for the most part be lurking for info. My end goal is to be self sustaining, as I don't like to make trips anywhere for what I want.

I'll be a lurkin'
Welcome Snick! You don't have to lurk, we will be glad to have you either way. Self sustaining is the way to go! Again, Welcome to MP!
Welcome to MP brosef.....glad you cld join us.
You came to the right place...Much info to be had here by well experience growers..We also enjoy a good chuckle from time to time..so Be sure bring ya Haha as well...Sure hope to see ya around the boards...untill then take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
welcome Snick! And why lurk? We're a friendly bunch. Just jump in and have a good time. Learning should be fun!
Lurk on Snick, or jump in, Welcome Welcome Welcome.
i say :welcome: ! enjoy, read, lurk. but make sure you :48: while u enjoy a very kool group. did you know hampsters make jokes & grow keemo buds! make sure you post pics for us to enjoy!!!
Welcome, snickle, to MP forum. Self-sustaining, I like that idea, and it is what will happen if you hang out here, lurking or otherwise.
Earth Juice is great stuff! You might want to try it. The stuff is 100% organic and is gentle on the plants, and easy to use. I don't have some of the problems I used to have when using inorganic nutrients.

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