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Sep 11, 2020
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Hello, my name is, well, I guess I'll call myself grow2smoke over here.
I'm more of an separate online identities kind of person, and it makes a good sense when you have in mind that we have the most draconian drug laws around here. I'm from a particular Balkan country.

Anyways, I'm around 30, I'm a software engineer, and I'd like to learn how to grow crops with hydroponics and aeroponics because this is the most badass, space-age, sustainable way of growing crops. Unfortunately, the only crops that are financially viable for indoor growing at the moment are marijuana, hot peppers and some spices probably.

Also, I like smoking pot, so there's that :)
Also, I am growing increasingly pissed off at having to deal with meth-heads every time I want to get some weed, which, thankfully is not very often, but still. I mean, I am ok dealing with criminals like that, but man, those people are sloppy, they are snitching or known to the police at least, they rip you off.

Anyways, hope I'll get to stick around and get some valuable advice, and be able to give something in return.


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Jul 25, 2020
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Nice to meet you g2s, I'm sorry your state laws aren't cool, in Massachusetts recreational has been legal since 2016 but the system is far from perfect. I've been using a simple hydro system called Emily's Garden for about ten years, it's nothing compared to some of the things that some people use but it's simple and fairly easy for this old dude to use. I'm 65 and been growing in the same closet since 1988 except for taking a year off in 2008 when I got busted. Good luck with your grow, I'm sure there are people here that can help you with whatever questions that you might have, I would help you myself if I could but honestly even though I've been growing bud since 1980 I don't really know a lot about any technical stuff. I'm just an old dude who likes smoking dope, playing guitar and eating ice cream. Welcome aboard.


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Dec 6, 2018
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Late to the party, but welcome!!!

Stick around, we can help you have so much harvest you'll never have to deal with

having to deal with meth-heads every time I want to get some weed,
ever again!

From growing, not having to buy has been my greatest blessing. Well, better medicine all around is too!

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