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Got another new supply of gummies and weed. My friend went through Oklahoma and brought back 3 bags of 1000 mg high dose gummies, two ozs. of Lemon Cherry Gelato, an oz of Zoap and an oz of 1 gm pre-rolls (sativa dominant, 26% THC). The pre-rolls are handy, because I don't have to do anything but spark that sucker up. So, you know what I am going to be doing all night, lol

This is what the UNK 1 looks like, kinda sparse. That's why I am skeptical when someone says "Here, grow this seed. It came from some killer bud."

This likely came from some quality commercial grade bud. However, being a sativa in a small tent, it could take forever for her to reach peak. My other plants are ready to go to the tent, so I had to make an overall project decision
The Gloss Boss just indicated female pre-flowers, so she can go to the tent tonight. I have a Sleepy Joe OG that got moved there recently, and another one ready to go tonight as well. Making progress!
Tha LA Kush didn't yield a lot, but it has some very tight nugs and smells great. Probably going to pop another LA Kush seed, and perhaps another Apples and Bananas as well
Could only get a half oz of Gorilla Glue #4 this month, luckily I still had about an eighth left. I use it at night bc of the high THC level, which helps me sleep better


Have an organic fertilizer I want to try, made from earthworm castings and bat guano. I plan on using it for my seedlings, and still use Peter's Blossom Booster for the tent

This is what the UNK 1 looks like. Kinda airy hairy stuff, but has good taste and a decent buzz for what it is

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