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I know right especially if it is fire ass weed! I hit the Jackpot on Sunday or Monday when I bagged up the DGXRuntz I just harvested. One just one seed. They were fems so here is hoping. Plus 3 of 5 were actually purple bud…Fire!
I did find a couple of premature seeds in my LA Kush that I put in the curing jar. But I still have plenty of good LA Kush seeds on hand
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This is what the UNK 1 looks like in the curing jar after 10 days
Just checked the nursery, and the babies (two LA Kush and one Apples and Bananas) are developing secondary sets of leaves. The eldest seedling (Apples and Bananas) is on it's fourth node, and will be topping it soon. Having 2 grow boxes for different stages of growth is nice. Then they can graduate to the tent, woohoo!

UNK 1 nug, two weeks in the curing jar. Starting to draw up and tighten. Has a sweet taste on inhale and nutty on the exhale. Not bad for not knowing the strain, but can tell it was sativa dominant

Apples and Bananas seedling, on it's sixth node. Plan on topping it at node 8, and then lollipop the lowest 2 sets - leaving 6 sets of side branches and two main branches. Let it veg for a awhile longer and pop it into the tent to see if I get a girl.

That is why I like feminized seeds, bc you don't have to wait for your plants to be sexed. I've had an amazing run with seeds that were found in ounces of weed that I get out of Oklahoma.

I suppose I should go seed shopping soon, and get some feminized ones to cut out the guess work
Seedlings are coming along nicely. The Apples and Bananas plant continues chugging along.

In the tent, the Sleepy Joe OG can go awhile longer. The Gloss Boss is still stretching and forming bud sites.

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