Help!!! First time grower in the Caribbean.

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Greetings in the name of the most high Jah coming from the Nature Island. I'm a long time smoker who tried growing a few times before while studying in the US but it never worked out. I'm back home now n seriously considering growing a crop to make some money and gain experience.

I currently have 6 trees growing bout 6-8 weeks old and sowed 16 more seeds yesterday. We are in our rainy season. i feel my plants aren't getting enough sunlight and Indoor growing is out of the question.

i currently have all 6 growing plants in a 1x1 ft box so i can move them in and out of the rain/sun. any suggestions or advice?

plenty of uv makes its way through light rain clouds.

but yea move em as u need em. more direct sun will make em happy. And bringing soil in side from outside is a bad idea. Pests will follow.
I am with sun wld be great but mother nature takes care of it's own. I wldnt bring them in and out....let them do their thing outdoors.

I would separate them asap and get them into their own pots--before the roots get so intermingled that they are impossible to separate without damage.

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