Help going mad


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Jan 31, 2015
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Am I being inpatient or is something wrong?? I started one northern light and one critical plus I germinated them in tissue and waiting in till I could see the tap root then planted them in the best possible soil I could get about 50mm in gave them a little water then placed them in my grow box, in the grow box there is two cfl lights one is 6400k and the other is around 3500k iv put a old PC fan in there I'm getting a reading of 75.7f temp iv also got a huge jug of water in there to help humidify it. It's been 3 and a half days and nothing do I need to wait a little more or are they not coming up??? I just thought by now I would of seen a tiny sight of life! Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should I start again? I can't even get then to show let alone harvest so frustrating


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Jan 2, 2010
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First of all welcome, kbonur. Don't go mad. If you go mad over seed germination, this isn't your hobby. lol

What is "the best possible soil" you put them in? Does it have nutrients in it? When i germinate seeds this is how I do it. Read that it just makes sense. Don't do anything, just wait a couple more days before planting more... the mandala way.
Aug 22, 2006
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Patience, patience. However if my metric conversion is correct....50mm is almost 2"? If so, you planted way too deep. Seeds should only be planted about 1/2" below the surface of the medium. Like Rosebud mentioned, there is a great germination guide at Mandala's web site.

Also like Rosebud mentioned, your soil could be playing a part. Anything at all with nutes in it can fry a seedling before it can stick its head out of the dirt. Soils with moisture crystals will keep the soil too wet and the seed can rot. So, whether the best soil you could get is good enough...well we have to know exactly what it is. Remember that good soil is only as far away as your computer. If you live in a place so small that it is impossible to get good growing supplies, you must be ready and able to purchase them online or drive to a place you can get them. Growing cannabis is not like growing veggies or flowers. It is very finicky and will not grow without the right stuff.

And this is the beginning of a 4 month journey. If you are this impatient after only 3 days, can you do the 4 months it is going to take. It is also going to take way way way way more light to take 2 plants to harvest (and better ventilation). If smaller bulbs in the 24W or 42W range, you will need a dozen or more bulbs for even a small 4-5 sq ft space.