Hey all, I have had to stop growing indoors for the most part :( . I got into an altercation with the apt guy here because he said something to my wife that was inappropriate, anyhow, we got in each others faces and after a bit he informed me he knew of my little operation. :eek: I have 5 clones vegging that I din't have the heart to kill, and I still don't want to, but I have a feeling this guy may rat me out. I went back and apologized, but I still can't tell if I am ok. He has known for a good amount of time so I don't know if he can get into trouble or not for not saying anything.

I am looking to start growing outdoors, and I don't have much of a chioice right now, it seems, but to cut my babies up, or take them out of town to my moms extra property and keep them there in pots. Will I have issues since it is almost Nov? Do I have any options? The clones are healthy and 13 plus inches tall. They are a mix of Northern Lights + snazzleberry, and Northern Lights + Blueberry.


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Mar 29, 2006
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The issue will be the fact that they are going to start flowering ASAP and the limited amount of time you have until you hit a freeze (if you hit a freeze).

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