heres something i thought was kinda redundent

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Thats why LEO don't like weed. the grey matter they thought was weed is the dried potting soil. That explains it. Bunch of
that site really chaps my ass. its part of the reason people think pot is so evil.
you are more likely to do things that could embarrass or even hurt you-such as .... or engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

I do these things without being high. Ask my wife, she says I scare her sometimes (edit: and always points out when I make an ass out of myself). hahahahahaha
Hell I'm the result of "engaging in risky sexual behaviors". My Dad was a sailor in the turn of the century. Met my Mom in Ireland and brought her to the USA. I'm the baby of the family. (Heh, heh).

That's the <last> turn of the century before the recent one. Oh shit! Now I feel old. Never thought I would ever have to explain that.
i myself sent them an email saying all the same things you guys did and a lot more.
i told them explain to me why alcohol is so much better then?? another thing i told them is that id rather see them talking about all the stupid bullshit that goes along with weed suck as: being ripped off; getting guns held to your head; getting snitched on and all the other shit that pisses us off. kids are gonna not want to deal with that shit more than worrying about being forgetful and shit like that.

i gotta say of all the forums i chat on you guys are the mopst kick ass non bullshit poeple so far
LMAO stone'. I "coined a phrase" and use it consistantly.."That's how we 'used' to do it, back in the twentieth century"..get's a few snickers here ;n there.

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