hey all!

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May 9, 2011
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Hello from Chicago!

Looks like a nice place here. Was just banned from another forum that I've been a super mod for 6months at had several journals & well over 1200 post. ****** was my boss, guy must be mental! I really don't know why or what for, the guy is a psycho. Any how I hope to be a help here & look forward to getting to know you all.

I've got 3 grows going now in 3 different rooms. Two of them have 400w hid's & I just got the new 290w led from glh. I've got 3 medijuana, 3 jock horror, 1 tnt kush, 1 exodus cheese, 1 fruity chronic juice. Those are the 12/12's, now for the autos, I've got #1super auto, auto marie, & colossus but she forgot she's an auto. At 37" I just put her into 12/12 under a hps.

Just harvested an auto assassin I pollenated, she was chocked full of seed. She smoked good to surprisingly. Getting ready to start 20 seeds every 3 weeks until their gone.

Any how, can't wait to get to know all of you...c-ya round!
Aloha Smash~
Welcome to MP... Can't wait to see all your ladies and babies that you have going. Sounds like it keeps you busy!
welcome to m.j!! enjoy and ts a great site.:postpicsworthless: pics are a great way to show us whats happening in ur grow
:welcome: mate, cant wait to see your op :D
:welcome: take a :48: of this big band and relax a bit, I think you'll like it here!! Now, as was said above...pics?? :)
Cell phone pics. are a no no. Because they can be traced or something...?
Welcome!! I am new to this site also and have received many welcome which I would like to extend to you. I hope all your grow dreams come true!

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