hey what goes on

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kind bud
Nov 8, 2008
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This is generaly what i cook if I cook something.....tostitos scoops......some marijuana in the bottom....add the nutella.....oven 325...for about a half hour........Heres a picture.....I made brownies one other time, and some marijuana butter and thats about it.....but these are easy and simple to make....I'm sure it's an age old recipe.....:holysheep: first time I tried something simular I ate to many.....

that looks really good i might have try that one day
its good, the nutella has the right oils in it to make it work, and it's quite flavorfull.....eat two then wait an hour, if you eat 6 you might end up like me curld up laying on the bed knowing you ate to many...lol
lol man i have been there. the first time i made brownies i ate a few and then a few more and then a few. I was like this sucks i didnt feel anything then i took a few bong rips and it hit me all at once. I never want to be that high ever. I was wishing it would go away man that sucked

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