HH Wk 4 24/0

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Sep 19, 2005
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Hey people, here are my babies after a month into 24/0
Im thinking about topping the biggest plant..the others I'll just let grow, though Im hoping to switch to 12/12 in 2-4 weeks..what do you guys think?




If I understand you correctly you are going to switch to 12/12 in 2 to 4 weeks. News flash, the way they stand now you will not have enough room after 4 to 5 weeks of flowering. Your plants look great, but you are out of room. If I was you I would flower now. Even if you flower now, I do believe that they will get to large and stop the air circulation and cause harm to the plant. Also, if I was you I would find another area for flowering (much larger than that).

Yeah I was afraid of that, I do have another possible flowering room but I dont really feel like setting it up unless I really have too. I'll switch to 12/12 today, and keep you guys updated.

PS I do have a lot of room in height to expand (about 5 feet)so Im starting to train the shoots to grow upwards with gentle bending and I'll consider tie strings on them to hold them up if I have to. Think this could help Grim or do I really need to get off my lazy butt and set up my other grow area?
Different strains grow in different ways example: White Widow and Blue Berry are short but exstreamly round and Skunk is tall and not so round. It may be best to do some research in the type of plant it is and read the specs. I have found as it grows and each leaf internode will produce two stems, than it will be short and round. Now, Skunk and Northern lights will grow tall with less stems. I'm a big WW fan myself. Skunk type makes one, just stupid.

Just from a glance, your plants are of the white type and most likely be short (under 4 feet) and round. I believe they will fill out about 3 to 4 time there veg diameter.

The large sun leaves are touching the sides now, in a short time this will cut the light and air flow from the lower part of the plant. Check out Gauro's plant (white type) and see the diameter on it. He has the most excellent example on how the white type branches.

Also, you may want to check into a dehumidifier in order to prevent mold. But, they can be very loud. The reason I say this is because the large fan leaves are very fat, which is good in the veg stage, but not very good for the flowering stage.

Wish you luck,
Well I just realized that I cant set up another grow area anyway because the grow area Im using now uses the ventilation for the other one. I wouldnt get good enough ventilation in the secondary area for it to be an effective growing enviroment, so Im going to have fo figure out something else. Im not worried about mold however because the ventilation I do have is very good and working very well. But like you say it still will not be sufficient for flowering..so Im stumped.

For the time being I'll continue training/bending the branches to grow upwards but any more suggestions are greatly appreciated
Lookin' good! But be careful with that HH. It tends to really take off when you switch it to 12/12. YOu might want to top them now.

Glad you like our strains!
I would do some serious topping and take lots of cuts for clones. That would cut down on size considerably, maybe even let you vegg another week or two.
Already topped all 3 plants 10 days ago and would've taken cuttings except for a lack of space. The plants have been in 12/12 for the last 5 days and are looking very nice, unfortunately my digi camera is broken so it will be a little while before I can post more pics, but I'll keep you guys updated and get some pics up ASAP!

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