hi everyone here in MP land.


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Jun 16, 2014
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read thru a lot of posts from other new arrivals, and after being associated with other forums and reading what the new arrivals had to say I now understand whats going on in those places. to me its Palace all over again.

not to sound very crass, but I come to these forums to eather get or maybe give info as best as I can. I don't come to " make friends or enemys". been inside growing for just over a year now and I gotta say was getting real tired of getting my thread hijacked or deleted and I heard a lot of ppl were leaving and this is one place to move to so here I am. when I do give info I always state that there are other growers here that know a lot more then myself so check it out. I love to experiment a lot with the lights, like I recently grew 2 fast and vast under a t5HO light and got 4 ounces a plant, then I grew 2 plants under a 1k HPS and got 4 ounces a plant so as of right now the theory of double the light double the weight isn't standing true so I am running that same strain same light setup again to see what happens. I am NOT running around telling ppl that the double yield info is wrong till I verify it, then even if I only get 4 per plant I will say to ppl what I did and my honest results. simple as that. someone wants to say different then just try it yourself. I may be wrong and I know there are a lot of variables, like the age of the light. the HPS was kind of old ( almost a year ), so I went and bought a brand new one.

point is I don't need ppl saing to me I am an idiot or I don't know what I am doing or what ever. I will experiment, I will give HONEST results, I will seek advice and I will GIVE advice and tell ppl that it may NOT be correct. that's a part of being HONEST.

thanks for letting me vent and be aprt of here.


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Jan 2, 2010
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Glad you are here hippy... we don't call people idiots on line. ha. We love honest results.
Look forward to your help.