I am a spoiled brat.....

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Well, I had some drama lately I won't get into. but after growing my own outdoors for a long time and got a few indoor, I have become a spoiled brat.
A freind gave me some bud just for a comfort buzz. (Some people need soul food...I need soul bud lol).
Well, he bragged on it. Last night I broke it out for something different. It was smelly and green, but. Now the spoiled part, god am I picky now. I could tell it was an indoor grow.
It was fluffy (lack of vent) so it burnt quick and harvested way to early and cured wrong. I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest it was so heady. He told me he paid an arm and a leg for it. All I thought was grow your own dude, It is much better. I can't wait to get a new grow started. (I don't want to get into that, though).
I don't mean to ***** about free weed, I didn't say anything to the dude outa respect, but I'll stick to my own.
Don't mean to ***** at all, just a lousy week. Time for me to break out my special jar of bud tonite.;) I won't be gettin off the couch.
yup you have become spoiled. shame on you Mutt. :D i will pull up my wheelchair and hit a few with ya. :D by the way what you got in that special jar? :confused:
I nice Sativa that I grew outdoors (my last outdoor grow) a few of years ago. (I know old weed) I kept it sealed in a jar stored with my canning stuff. I harvested it a little late to get that massive couchlock high. I use it for "relaxation" purposes. in other words I'll be knocked the **** out for the night in about 1/2 hr. after smoking. hahaha
I haven't broke it out in a long ass time I just hope it didn't get too stale. I saved the last jar as I never new when I would grow another pure sativa again. Fuckers are too big for me indoors.

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